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How do sub-miniature micro switches work in electric pencil sharpeners?

The electric pencil sharpener has become an indispensable stationery item for modern offices and students. Its convenience and efficiency have made pencil sharpening simpler and quicker. Within an electric pencil sharpener, the micro switch serves as a crucial component, playing an important role.

What is a micro switch for a full automatic pencil sharpener?

A micro switch, also known as a snap action micro switch, usually consists of a button, contacts, springs, a movable metal piece, terminals, and the housing. When an external operating force acts on the switch’s lever or button at a specific position, the movement of the lever triggers the contacts inside the switch, causing them to transition from one position to another. This transition changes the state of the circuit, allowing or blocking the flow of current through the switch, thereby controlling the device’s operation or facilitating electrical signal transmission. The small size, lightweight, quick response, high precision, and strong reliability of micro switches allow them to be used in electric pencil sharpeners. The micro switch in a pencil sharpener controls the start or stop of the internal motor through minor movements, enabling precise control and safe operation.


What do micro switches do in full automatic pencil sharpeners?

The design of a full automatic pencil sharpener aims to increase efficiency and save time, especially suitable for offices, schools, or places requiring frequent pencil usage. Users only need to insert the pencil into the sharpener, and the machine automatically sharpens it without the need for manual turning or manual pencil sharpeners. This type of fully automatic pencil sharpener primarily consists of a casing, motor, cutting mechanism, and a micro switch. It identifies when a pencil is inserted and starts the automatic sharpening process, stopping operation once the pencil reaches an appropriate sharpness level.

miniature micro switch used in electrical pencil sharpener

The KANGERLE sub-miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A has 3 terminals, and it is equipped with a operating lever. The length of the lever is about 13.5mm. This miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A is installed below the cutting mechanism inside the pencil sharpener and connected to the motor. Despite its small size and light weight, this micro switch serves the following functions in the fully automatic pencil sharpener:

Firstly, the miniature micro switch with lever KW10-1A-2A in the electric pencil sharpener is responsible for starting and stopping the motor. When a user places a pencil into the sharpener, the micro switch senses its presence and triggers the motor to start the sharpening process. Once the pencil is sharpened enough or removed by the user, the micro switch quickly senses this and stops the motor, ensuring the sharpener stops working at the right time, avoiding energy waste and unnecessary wear.

Secondly, the precision and reliability of this micro switch are crucial for the performance of the electric pencil sharpener. This compact switch accurately senses the pencil’s position and status, ensuring the motor starts or stops at the appropriate time. Its stable performance and reliability mean users can confidently use the electric pencil sharpener without worrying about over-sharpening or motor malfunctions.

Additionally, the micro switch’s design also considers safety. It effectively prevents the electric pencil sharpener from operating under abnormal conditions, such as when the pencil lead breaks, when foreign objects enter the sharpener, or when a user opens the top cover out of curiosity. The lever micro switch KW10-1A-2A quickly stops the motor, avoiding potential safety hazards.

In summary, KANGERLE miniature micro switch with lever KW10-1A-2A in an electric pencil sharpener not only enables precise motor control and safe operation but also enhances its performance and reliability.

Features of KANGERLE Ultra-Small Micro Switch KW10 Series

miniature micro switch manufacturer

1. Small Size

The KW10 series ultra-small micro switch has a compact size, measuring only 12.8×5.8×6.5mm, suitable for devices and applications requiring miniaturization, such as fully automatic pencil sharpeners. Its small size allows easy integration and installation in limited spaces.

2. High Sensitivity

The KW10 series ultra-small micro switch has high sensitivity, capable of instantly triggering a change in the switch’s state upon receiving minimal force or motion, achieving rapid and precise response. Therefore, even a short and lightweight pencil inserted into the fully automatic pencil sharpener can trigger the micro switch.

3. Long Electrical Life

The KW10 series ultra-small micro switch uses high-quality materials from the outer shell to the internal contacts, ensuring prolonged mechanical and electrical life. This prevents the occurrence of defects due to frequent use of the pencil sharpener, improving product stability and reliability.

4. Customization Support

The KW10 series ultra-small micro switch is equipped with various terminal types and lever forms. Pencil sharpener manufacturers can customize a micro switch suitable for their product’s structure and features through KANGERLE. Our engineers will provide the best micro switch solution for fully automatic pencil sharpeners according to specific requirements.

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KANGERLE Electronics, founded in 1993 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, has been specializing in the production and sales of micro switches, waterproof micro switches, detector switches, tactile push button switches etc. These products are mainly applied in household appliances, 3C (computers, communications, consumer electronics), office equipment, medical devices, security, personal care, automotive electronics, industrial control, and other fields. KANGERLE Electronics not only possesses first-class production equipment and advanced production processes but also has excellent testing equipment and a switch laboratory compliant with professional certifications. The company aims to provide customers with a one-stop micro switch solution and high-quality service. For more details about electronic switches, please visit the KANGERLE official website:

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