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What does a micro switch do in a car?

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of automobiles, people are more and more interested in the internal structure composition of automobiles. This article is centered around the role of micro switches in automobiles and focuses on the role of micro switches in the internal components of automobiles.

Application of micro switches in automobiles

What is a microswitch?

A micro switch is a commonly used electronic component for controlling the switching action of a circuit. It usually consists of components such as a trigger lever, trigger spring, fixed bracket, and trigger mechanism.

The working principle of a micro switch is that the trigger lever moves under the action of an external force, and the trigger mechanism converts the trigger signal into an electrical signal, thus realizing the switching action. When the external force acts on the trigger lever, the trigger spring pushes the trigger lever, making the contact inside the trigger mechanism open or close, thus changing the on-off state of the circuit.

Micro switches in automotive applications

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Micro switchs have the advantages of simple structure, stability, reliability, long life, so they are widely used in automotive internal devices, such as automotive start buttons, automotive electric tailgate locks, automotive electronic gear shifters, automotive brake pads, automotive electric suction doors, automotive electric doors and windows, and so on.

Firstly, the starter button is an important application of micros witches in automobiles. The traditional way to start a car is to start the engine through the car key, while modern cars use the start button to control the engine start through the micro switch. This method is not only convenient for the driver but also improves the safety of the car.

In addition to the starter button, micro switches are also used to control the switching of car lights. Drivers can control the switch of headlights, fog lights, and other lights through the micro switch, which improves the safety of driving at night.

In addition, micro switches are also used to control the glass lifting function of the car. The driver can control the lifting and lowering of the windows through the micro switch, which is convenient for the driver’s operation.

Finally, micro switches are also used to control the car’s central control system. Drivers can use micro switches to control the air conditioning, audio, and other central control systems of the car, which improves the comfort and convenience of the car.

In addition to the above, there are many other applications of micro switches in automobiles, so I will not expand the list here.

Considerations in the use of microswitches in cars

The use of micro switches in automotive electronic components is not the most expensive part of the car, but they occupy a pivotal position in the car’s internal components and are critical to the success of all projects. Here are four considerations for micro switches:

1. Switches in certain parts of the automotive switch must be waterproof micro switches, with a waterproof rating of IP67.

2. The switch signal transmission is clear. This requires that car manufacturers should look for switches that are mechanically correctly positioned or have clear electrical signals. 

3. The electronic system must be able to detect faults automatically. Thus, a motorized handle or locking latch system requires a double-throw switch – which allows the mechanism to check whether a circuit is loose or abnormal – or a switch with differential impedance.

4. Automobiles require every component to be robust and safe. How to prevent a series of problems arising from the aging of the switch’s circuitry requires engineers to have a clear understanding of the working principle of each component when designing, and to solve some unnecessary problems in advance.

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