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Subminiature sealed micro switch KW5: Enhancing the overall reliability of the charging gun

With the development of new energy and the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, new energy vehicles have gradually entered thousands of households. The safety, reliability, and convenience of their charging have also become increasingly focused. The charging gun, as a common charging device connecting power sources and electric vehicles, contains switches internally to control the circuit. Currently, whether it’s a household charging station or a public one, most are built outdoors. Therefore, during the charging process, the placement and use of the charging gun are exposed to external environments. However, the unpredictable outdoor conditions often include rainy weather, which may lead to water ingress into the charging gun. This can result in malfunctions or even serious charging safety accidents, endangering personal safety. KANGERLE integrated resistor sealed micro switch KW5 not only effectively addresses these issues but also enhances the waterproofing and safety of new energy vehicle charging equipment.


What is a waterproof micro switch with internal resistor, and what role does it play in the charging gun?

Miniature Sealed Micro Switch for New Energy Vehicle Charging Gun

As shown in the picture, KANGERLE’s integrated resistor waterproof micro switch KW5 mainly consists of a waterproof micro switch, built-in resistor, mounting base, and electrical module. The resistance value parameter of the built-in resistor and the soldering specifications of the electrical module are optional. In the design of new energy vehicle charging guns, integrated waterproof micro switches are typically used as trigger devices for electronic locks, serving to transmit signals. During the process of using the charging gun to charge the car, the action of inserting and withdrawing the gun head causes the switch to output different resistance signals when the circuit is connected and disconnected. The control system judges the status of the charging gun based on the change in resistance value: the electronic lock locks for safety during normal charging and unlocks after charging completion, allowing users to smoothly remove the charging gun. The electronic lock effectively prevents the charging gun from loosening or falling off during the charging process, ensuring personal safety. Compared to traditional external waterproof micro switches applied in charging guns, KANGERLE’s KW5 switch’s integrated design not only simplifies the structure and reduces failure points but also improves the overall reliability of the charging equipment.


Advantages of KANGERLE Integrated Resistor Waterproof Micro switch KW5

Charging Gun Micro Switch IP67 Waterproof with Straight Lever

  1. Simplified circuit design

   Traditional waterproof micro switches used in charging guns require external resistors for operation. The switch and resistor need to be soldered onto the circuit board, with signals converted through resistors of different sizes on the circuit board. In this scenario, the cost of circuit board interconnection is high, and the space occupied by the switch and associated resistor is large. KANGERLE’s integrated waterproof micro switch KW5 integrates a converting resistor directly into the switch housing, not only fulfilling switch control and resistance conversion functions but also simplifying and miniaturizing the overall design of the charging gun structure.


  1. Space-saving, convenient assembly

   When assembling traditional waterproof micro switches onto charging guns, not only does it occupy space with other related accessories, but the process is also cumbersome, sometimes leading to poor assembly quality and reduced efficiency. KANGERLE’s integrated waterproof micro  switch KW5 directly mounts the resistor inside the switch housing, achieving the same function without the need for existing circuit boards. The design of KANGERLE’s integrated resistor greatly saves space and costs, making the switch’s usage in charging guns more concise. This meets the requirements of micro switches for miniaturization, modularization, and lightweight. Moreover, the switch housing also includes a mounting base, ensuring a more secure and convenient assembly within the charging gun’s groove.


  1. Enhanced overall waterproof performance

   The gap formed at the connection between the button of KANGERLE’s integrated waterproof micro switch KW5 and the top of the waterproof housing is sealed with waterproof caps and high-quality waterproof glue. Furthermore, with the resistor integrated inside the switch housing, it can avoid being corroded by external moisture or dampness, ensuring the resistor’s normal performance. However, when ordinary waterproof micro switches are applied in charging guns, additional sealing components may be needed to protect the resistor, increasing design complexity and assembly steps. The shell of KW5 integrated waterproof micro switch also includes a mounting base, ensuring a tighter fit when assembled into the groove of the charging gun, once again forming a waterproof barrier. Thus, KANGERLE’s switch design and waterproof craftsmanship enhance the sealing performance between the switch and the charging gun body, improving waterproof performance.


  1. Reduced possibility of failure

   KANGERLE’s integrated resistor waterproof micro switch KW5 simplifies the intermediate circuit board interconnection, reducing the likelihood of contact failures and thereby improving the overall reliability of the charging gun system.


  1. Convenient maintenance

   The integrated design of KANGERLE’s KW5 integrated resistor waterproof micro switch makes maintenance easier since maintenance personnel only need to deal with a single component rather than multiple separate parts.


  1. Customized services

   KANGERLE’s KW5 integrated resistor waterproof micro switch comes with various types of lever arms, and wires can be selected and welded according to requirements. Additionally, whether used for GB standard or US standard charging guns, the resistance value of the internal switch can be selected to match the parameters required by the charging gun.


Overall, the advantages of KANGERLE’s integrated resistor waterproof micro switch KW5 lie in simplified design and installation processes, space savings, cost reduction, improved reliability, and greater adaptability and convenient maintenance. With rich switch experience, KANGERLE can provide charging gun micro switch solutions and help you choose a suitable charging gun switch.


Manufacturer of Waterproof Micro switch for Charging Guns

car micro switch manufacturer

As we all know, automobile manufacturers have strict requirements for spare parts, and the same goes for new energy vehicle manufacturers. As an indispensable electronic component in the automotive industry, the stability, sensitivity, and sealing of waterproof micro switches are crucial, whether used in electric vehicle charging guns or other components. KANGERLE, a manufacturer of waterproof micro switches, is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with 30 years of R&D and production experience. The company has ISO9001 quality management system certification and IATF:16949 automotive quality management system certification, and its products have obtained UL, TUV, CE, CB, CQC, RoHS, and other certifications. The company has a professional technical team and is equipped with a laboratory that meets UL standards, providing customers with professional one-stop automotive switch solutions. Currently, KANGERLE waterproof micro switches are widely used in new energy vehicle charging guns, car door locks, seat belts, shifters, central locks, trunk locks, and other components, as well as household appliances, power tools, outdoor equipment, smart homes, pet toys, medical devices, and other fields. High-quality employees, automated production lines, and sophisticated testing equipment ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the company’s product quality. KANGERLE switch manufacturer supports OEM/ODM and has established a one-stop service system covering product design, precision molding, injection molding, precision stamping, assembly, testing, mass production, and after-sales service. For more details about micro switches, welcome to visit the KANGERLE official website.

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