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What is the micro switch on a washing machine?

As one of the home appliances with a high frequency of daily use, washing machines have greatly facilitated people’s lives and made washing clothes easier and more efficient. However, the role of the micro switch is particularly important to the normal operation of the washing machine and to ensure the safety of the user. In a washing machine, micro switches are like the nervous system of the human body, playing an important role in monitoring and protection. Let’s discuss the role of micro switches in washing machines.

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Micro switch definition and application

The micro switch is a kind of electronic switch, also known as a micro trigger switch or micro button switch. It usually consists of a spring responsible for controlling its switching state, which can change the connection state of the circuit by a tiny movement when a force is applied externally. Micro switches are widely used in a variety of electronic devices and mechanical equipment for controlling the on-off of circuits or the transmission of signals. Due to its compactness, flexibility, and fast response speed, micro switches are used in washing machines.

The role of microswitches in washing machines

KANGERLE micro switch KW3 series can be used in the washing machine,  which is a very important component in it. This basic micro switch plays the role of monitoring and controlling the operation status of the washing machine. In the washing machine, the micro switch is mainly used to control the functions of the water inlet, drain, and rotation of the washing machine.

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Firstly, the micro switch plays the role of monitoring the water level in the washing machine. When the washing machine starts to feed water, the micro switch will detect the height of the water level, and once the set level is reached, the micro switch will automatically stop feeding water, thus ensuring that the washing machine will not overflow.

Secondly, the micro switch can also control the drainage function of the washing machine. When the washing machine needs to be drained, the micro switch will monitor the water level, and once the water level is lower than the set value, the micro switch will start the drain pump to discharge the sewage in the washing machine, to keep the inside of the washing machine clean.

In addition, the micro switch can also control the spinning function of the washing machine. During the washing process, the washing machine needs to rotate the inner drum continuously to make the clothes stirred in the water, to achieve a better washing effect. The micro switch monitors the rotation status of the drum to ensure that the washing machine operates properly.


Overall, the micro switch in a washing machine plays a vital role in ensuring that the various components and functions operate correctly and safely. It ensures that the washing machine can operate properly by monitoring and controlling the operating status of the washing machine. Therefore, when using the washing machine daily, whether it is the knob model or the button model, do not use it violently to ensure that it works properly, thus prolonging the service life of the washing machine.

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