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Application of micro switch in car vanity mirror|Kangerle

The continuous development of automotive technology has made the intelligence of in-vehicle equipment and accessories increase, providing passengers with more convenience and comfort. The car visor vanity mirror becomes indispensable equipment for those who need to makeup while traveling. As an indispensable electronic component, micro switch is widely used in car vanity mirrors, providing users with more functions and convenient operation.

Demand for modern car sun visor mirrors

In the past, a car vanity mirror may just be an ordinary mirror with no other additional functions. However, modern car vanity mirrors not only need to provide a good reflective effect but also need to have some of the following functions:

1. Lighting control

The need for make-up can vary under different lighting conditions. Therefore, car vanity mirrors need to provide adjustable lighting functions to ensure that makeup tasks can be accomplished under various lights.

2. Mirror angle adjustment

In order to get the best view and angle, vehicle vanity mirrors need to have an adjustable mirror function. This means that users can no longer only flip the mirror up and down as before, but can rotate or adjust the position of the mirror left and right.

3. Extra functions

Some advanced car vanity mirrors are also equipped with functions such as heating, magnification, and even intelligent recognition, etc. These extra functions require appropriate control mechanisms.

This is where micro switches come into play in car vanity mirrors. Micro switches provide a convenient and reliable way to fulfill these needs, allowing the user to easily control the various functions of the vanity mirror.

Micro Switch working principle

Micro switches usually consist of a button, operating lever, contacts, terminals, movable metal pieces, and housing. They have a micro contact gap and perform switching action with a defined travel and a defined force. Therefore, micro switches are also known as snap action switches. The operating principle of the micro switch is that when the button or lever is acted upon by an external force, the internal contacts can be contacted or separated. Under this circumstance, the micro switch can realize the on/off state.

KANGERLE micro switches used in car visor vanity mirror

sun visor mirror micro switch
micro switch for car visor
micro switch used in car visor vanity mirror
micro switch in car vanity mirror

KANGERLE micro switches KW12-5A-A and KW12-5A-19A are now widely used in the lighting system in car vanity mirrors. Makeup mirrors are usually located on the sun visor in the car, and the micro switch is also installed in it. Micro switches can detect changes in the position of the sun visor. When the user pulls down the sun visor, the micro switch will be triggered, and the light on the vanity mirror will automatically turn on the illumination. When the sun visor is retracted, the micro switch will be disconnected, so that the illumination of the vanity mirror will automatically turn off. Of course, the user can also press the button on the side of the mirror to adjust the brightness of the light when using the vanity mirror. This feature is very useful for applying makeup at night or in dark-light conditions, ensuring that users can see their grooming clearly. As you can see, with the use of micro switches, car vanity mirrors can save electricity in the car and at the same time bring great convenience to the user.

KANGERLE sun visor mirror micro switch features:

1. Compact size

KW12 micro switches are miniature in size and compact in structure, which is suitable for integrating into car vanity mirrors without occupying too much space.

2. Fast response time

The KW12 micro switch operates with sensitivity and quick feedback. It can also respond to changes in external force in a very short time, immediately triggering the corresponding operation.

3. High reliability

KW12 micro switches are made of high-quality raw materials that enable them to withstand a large number of operations and have a long electrical life. At the same time, the switches are guaranteed by global safety regulations for stable and reliable quality.

4. Wide range of specifications

KW12 micro switches for car visor mirrors are not only available with a wide range of terminals but also with different types of operating levers. The demands for regular action force and light operating force, high current, and low current can also be met.

Automotive micro switch manufacturers

car micro switch manufacturer

Micro switch is a vital electronic component in the field of the automotive industry, which makes an important contribution to the overall performance of the vehicle. In addition to car vanity mirrors, KANGERLE micro switches are also widely used in new energy vehicle charging guns, car door locks, car seat belts, gear shifters, central locks, trunk locks, and other components. As a professional micro switch manufacturer, Kangerle has 30 years of experience in production research, and development. We have ISO9001 and IATF:16949 quality management system certificates. Meanwhile, our products have been certified by UL, TUV, CE, CB, CQC, RoHS, and so on. Our factory has a professional technical team and is equipped with a UL-compliant laboratory, which can provide customers with professional solutions for automotive micro switches. High-quality staff, multiple automated production lines, and superior testing equipment ensure that the company’s product quality is stable and reliable for a long time. KANGERLE switch manufacturer supports OEM/ODM and has established a one-stop service system covering product design, precision molding, injection molding, precision stamping, assembly, testing, mass production, after-sales service, and so on. For more details about our micro switches, please visit the KANGERLE official website.

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