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What are micro switches used in automotive electronic toll collection?

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) has become an integral part of the modern transportation sector. In the ETC system, a small component which is called micro switch plays a crucial role. It ensures both the safety of the system and improving the efficiency of transportation. This article will briefly explore the ETC system and the application of the micro switch in ETC, analyzing its significance for intelligent transportation systems.

What is an ETC

I. Introduction to ETC System

1. Principle and Operation

  • RFID Tags: Vehicles are equipped with an electronic tag, usually an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag affixed to the vehicle’s windshield or a similar device. This tag stores information about the vehicle, such as license plate number and vehicle type.
  • Roadside Equipment: The ETC system is equipped with a series of roadside devices, including card readers, antennas, etc. These devices can sense and read the information on the vehicle’s electronic tag.
  • Automatic Identification and Toll Deduction: When vehicles pass through toll stations or areas covered by the ETC system, the roadside devices automatically identify the vehicle’s tag information and deduct tolls according to the system’s preset charging standards, without the need for vehicles to stop for payment.


2. Key Features and Advantages

  • Fast Passage: Compared to traditional manual toll collection methods, the ETC system enables vehicles to pass without stopping, greatly increasing vehicle throughput and reducing traffic congestion.
  • Convenience and Time-saving: The ETC system eliminates the cumbersome process of drivers stopping and queuing for payment, providing a more convenient payment method and saving users’ time.
  • Reduced Accidents: Because vehicles do not need to stop for payment, the ETC system can reduce accidents and traffic congestion caused by queuing, thereby improving road safety.
  • Reduced Management Costs: The ETC system automates toll collection, reducing the construction and operation costs of manual toll booths, and improving toll efficiency, and management levels.


3. Application Areas and Development Trends

  • Highways and Toll Booths

ETC systems are widely used at toll booths on highways, allowing vehicles to pass through toll booths without stopping. By automatically recognizing vehicle information, and completing payments, ETC improves vehicle passage speed and efficiency, reducing traffic congestion and waiting times.

  • Urban Traffic Tolling

 Many cities manage urban toll roads, such as bridges, tunnels, toll zones, etc., through ETC systems. Such applications can effectively manage traffic flow, reduce congestion, and facilitate the digitized management of urban traffic tolls, making it easier for transportation departments to supervise and operate.

  • Parking Management

 In parking lots, ETC systems are also widely used, allowing vehicles to automatically pay parking fees through pre-installed electronic tags or mobile apps, without cash or credit card payments, improving parking management efficiency and service levels. ETC systems in parking management also provide data statistics and analysis functions, helping parking lot managers better understand parking usage and make optimizations and improvements.

  • Road Tolling

ETC systems are also used to collect tolls for specific roads, such as city ring roads, expressways, and designated roads. This application helps manage and maintain roads, while also providing a source of funds for transportation. The popularity of ETC systems also encourages more vehicles to use electronic payments, reducing the costs and risks of cash transactions and manual management.

The application of ETC systems is extensive, covering multiple aspects such as highways, urban transportation, parking lot management, and road tolls, greatly improving the efficiency and convenience of transportation.


II. Application of KANGERLE Switches in Automotive ETC Systems – SMD DetectorSwitch KFC-W-07AT-1B / Miniature Micro Switch KW10-1A-2A


Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. currently mainly employs two types of switches in automotive ETC systems. One is detector switch smd NO type KFC-W-07AT-1B and SPDT miniature snap-action micro switch with lever KW10-1A-2A. They are used for acting as anti-pry switches. These two switches are suitable for both card-insert ETC and non-card ETC devices. The switches are now in mass production and are widely trusted and supported by customers.

micro switches used in automotive electronic toll collectionmicro switches used in automotive electronic toll collection













Kangerle switches are typically directly soldered onto PCB boards, combined and installed with other electronic components, and then covered by a shell, resulting in a complete ETC device. A new ETC device can be installed at the appropriate position inside the windshield of the vehicle. When the ETC device is successfully secured, the button or operating lever of the switch is always in a pressed state, achieving the circuit connected. Once someone maliciously disassembles or steals the ETC device, the switch will quickly detect this action. The button of the switch returns to its original position the moment the ETC is removed. Under this circumstance, the conductivity of the ETC is disconnected. At this point, the ETC tag will immediately become invalid. Therefore, the anti-pry switch for ETC has a good monitoring effect on illegal theft and malicious damage, maintaining the safety of the vehicle ETC system.

Next, let’s briefly understand the characteristics of Kangerle’s two ETC anti-pry switches.


1. Detector Switch KFC-W-07AT-1B

detector switch KFC-W-07AT-1B

In terms of size, the detector switch KFC-W-07AT-1B is more miniature, making it very suitable for compact designs like ETC. This micro detector switch is equipped with 4 surface-mount pins, which can be directly soldered onto PCB boards. In terms of packaging, this switch uses plastic tape packaging, which is convenient for integration into automated assembly lines. At the same time, plastic tape packaging can effectively protect surface-mount switches from contamination and mechanical damage from the external environment. In terms of performance, the detection switch KFC-W-07AT-1B is designed with a spring structure, which is stable, and has an electrical life of more than 50,000 times. In summary, if small size and good performance are pursued, the sub-miniature smt detector switch KFC-W-07AT-1B is more suitable compared to micro switches.


2. Miniature Micro Switch KW10-1A-2A

miniature micro switch

Kangerle lever arm micro switch KW10-1A-2A mainly consists of an operating lever, contacts, movable metal pieces, terminals, and housing. It usually completes the switch action with prescribed force and stroke. From the aspect of performance, this subminiature lever micro switch KW10-1A-2A has minimal contact gap and action stroke, allowing for rapid circuit switching. At the same time, its electrical life is more than 100,000 times. In terms of installation, this ultra-miniature micro switch can also be quickly and conveniently soldered to the circuit board. From the view of delivery time, compared to detector switches made purely by manual labor, the KW10-1A-2A micro switch is produced by automatic machines and can meet delivery requirements at any time. Therefore, if cost-effectiveness is pursued, the straight hinge lever micro switch KW10-1A-2A is a good choice as an ETC anti-pry switch.

Overall, the anti-pry switch plays an important role in the ETC system, and its safety, reliability, and stability are crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the ETC system. Whether you choose a detector switch or a micro switch for your ETC product, Kangerle will ensure high-quality products, favorable prices, and fast delivery. If these two products slightly differ from your requirements, our professional engineers will provide improvement and optimization solutions. From switch design to sample testing, from trial production to mass production, Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. will arrange for effective communication with staff. With over 30 years of experience, Kangerle has been providing one-stop switch solutions for customers in various industries. If you are interested in Kangerle anti-pry switches or other switches, please feel free to contact us through our official website for inquiries:

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