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What is the function of miniature surface-mount micro switches in game controllers?

Microswitches are one of the crucial components in the game controller design. Nowadays, miniature micro switch for game controllers always plays a key role in game operations, directly affecting the user’s experience. With the advancement of technology and changes in market demand, ultra-miniature surface mount micro switches have gradually become a new favorite in game controllers, providing players with a more precise and sensitive operating experience. This article will explore the application of the Kangerle KW11 ultra-miniature surface mount micro switch in game controllers, as well as the advantages it brings.


What is a surface mount micro switch?

Surface mount micro switch is a common type of micro switch. The characteristic of this switch lies in its structural design, which can be mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) using surface mount technology. Compared to DIP micro switches, surface mount micro switches are more suitable for automated production and surface mounting requirements. Because they do not require additional mounting holes, saving space and increasing production efficiency. Surface mount micro switches are commonly used in various electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, game controllers, etc., to achieve key control and triggering.

The role of the ultra-small surface mount micro switch KW11 in the game controllers

surface-mount micro switches used in game controllers

The new surface mount micro switch KW11 from Kangerle combines the small size with the mechanical function of a large switch, ensuring long service life and high-quality performance. It is a momentary push button switch normally open. That is to say, pressing the button can connect the circuit while releasing the button will disconnect the circuit. In other words, KW11 is an SPST-NO push button switch with 2 pins. With its mini dimension, it is suitable for various compact devices. Let’s see how it functions in a game controller.

miniature surface-mount micro switches used in game controllers

1. Button triggering: The ultra-small surface mount micro switch KW11 can be used to achieve various button triggering functions on the game controller, including attack, jump, weapon switching, and other operations. These button triggers are the core of interaction between players and the game, and the micro switch ensures accurate triggering and fast response of the buttons.

2. Joystick control: Micro switches are also used for joystick control on the game controller, including left and right, up and down movements of the joystick. With precise control provided by the micro switch, players can control the movement direction and speed of characters or vehicles in the game more accurately.

3. Mode switching: This micro push button switch used in game console can also be used to quickly switch between different modes, such as switching to shooting mode, racing mode, fighting mode, and sports mode, providing players with more options for game operations.

Features of surface mount micro switch KW11

surface-mount micro switches

Rated load  50mA 12V DC
Circuit  SPST-NO
Contact resistance  ≤50mΩ
Insulation resistance  ≥100MΩ
Operating force  75±10gf
Travel  0.25±0.1mm
Dielectric strength  250V 50HZ 1Min.
Life  ≥5,000,000 times


Advantages of KANGERLE surface mount micro switch KW11


1. Miniaturized design


surface-mount micro switches for game controllers

The Kangerle SMT micro switch KW11 is designed for surface mounting and can easily replace many slightly larger surface-mount switches, such as tactile push button switches. This 2-pin push button switch measures only 8.6 x 4.8 mm, just 3 mm high. It is usually packaged in a plastic tape. Due to its mini size, the KW11 micro switch can be more easily integrated into game controllers. It ensures good tactile feedback while achieving a more compact and lightweight design.

2. High sensitivity

What is the function of miniature surface-mount micro switches in game controllers?插图4

Currently, there are still many tactile push button switches and silicone head button switches used in game controllers. Despite its mini size, the ultra-small surface mount micro switch KW11 is not inferior to traditional switches in terms of response speed and sensitivity. The KW11 has a shorter distance to the actuation point, allowing it to respond to user inputs more quickly. Additionally, this switch has a smooth and fast action, minimizing fatigue and increasing comfort, thus extending the gaming time with the controller. From this, it can be seen that the KW11 SMD micro switch can achieve fast, accurate triggering and precise control, enhancing the gaming experience for users.

3. Durable and reliableperformance

What is the function of miniature surface-mount micro switches in game controllers?插图5

We all know that details determine everything, and also for the ultra-small SMT micro switch KW11, this is also true. KANGERLE uses good-quality raw materials and firmly refuses to use recycled materials, ensuring the high quality of each component. The switch can withstand temperatures up to 280°C and has a lifespan of up to 10 million cycles. With its long lifespan and good durability, the KW11 SMT micro switch can withstand long hours of gaming without easily getting damaged.

4. Supportcustomization

KANGERLE is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and development of micro switches, with rich experience in the switch industry. At KANGERLE, customers can customize micro switches that fit their brand image, product design style, or specific application scenarios according to their needs and preferences. Currently, the KW11 micro switch supports a variety of options for operating force, such as 0.6N, 0.8N, 1.2N, and 1.6N, allowing designers to optimize sensitivity based on application requirements. Additionally, there are different durability levels available with operating lifespans of 5 million cycles and 10 million cycles. If you have other specific requirements, our engineers will provide switch drawings and sample testing for free. From switch design to after-sales, KANGERLE will arrange for relevant personnel to be responsible for each step of the process.


In general, the application of the Kangerle micro switch KW11 in the game controller not only improves the performance and operation experience of the game controller but also ensures the stability and durability of the game controller. This switch is now in production and can be used not only in game controllers, but also in computer mice, smart home switches, and small handheld devices. If you are interested in Kangerle micro switches, please visit our official website for inquiries and contact.

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