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Sealed Ultra Subminiature Micro Switch: Improve Performance of E-bike Brake Control System

As the electric bike market expands and consumer demand for safety increases, technological improvements in electric bikes have become a key industry focus. In particular, some manufactures in China is gradually transitioning from traditional plastic push button switches to more advanced waterproof micro push button switches for brake control switch. This article will discuss the working principle of electric bike brake control switch and analyze the numerous advantages of waterproof micro switches over plastic button switches.

Working Principle of Electric Bike Brake Control Switch

miniature sealed micro switch for brake control system

The primary function of an electric bike brake control switch is to ensure that the power is cut off promptly during braking, preventing safety hazards caused by the motor still running. The brake control switch is usually installed near the brake handle. When the rider squeezes the brake handle, the switch is triggered, sending a signal to cut off the motor power, ensuring that the electric bike stops.

The basic working principle of the brake control switch involves the following steps:

  1. Trigger Mechanism: When the rider presses or squeezes the brake handle, the mechanical structure inside the switch changes, such as a spring being compressed or released.
  2. Signal Transmission: The mechanical action triggers the internal circuit of the switch, generating an electrical signal.
  3. Power Cut-off: This electrical signal is transmitted through the electric bike’s control system to the motor controller, instructing it to cut off the power.
  4. Braking: Without power support, the motor ceases to drive the bike, and the wheels gradually stop turning, achieving the braking effect.

Structure and Characteristics of Ultra Subminiature Waterproof Micro Switches

A waterproof micro switch is a type of switch with high sensitivity, high reliability, and excellent waterproof and dust-proof performance. Its internal structure is relatively complex, mainly consisting of the following parts:

  1. Casing: Made of high-strength materials, providing good waterproof, dust-proof, and corrosion-resistant capabilities.
  2. Contact System: Consists of movableand fixed contacts, ensuring precise contact.
  3. Spring Mechanism: Provides pressure between the contacts, ensuring a sensitive response.
  4. Seals: Made of rubber or silicone to prevent moisture and dust from entering the switch.

The main characteristics of waterproof micro switches include:

  1. High Sensitivity: Can be triggered with minimal force and has a short response time.
  2. High Reliability: Precisely designed contacts can withstand numerous operations, ensuring a long lifespan.
  3. Superior Waterproof Performance: Excellent sealing design allows stable operation in wet environments.
  4. Durability: Strong resistance to impact and vibration, suitable for various complex working environments.

Advantages of Waterproof Micro Push Button Switches KW1 Compared to Plastic Push Button Switches

Although traditional plastic button switches are cost-effective, the increasing safety regulations and consumer demands for quality and safety have made waterproof micro push button switches the preferred choice for brake buttons. KANGERLE KW1 waterproof micro switch, known for its compact size and reliable performance, is widely used in electric bike brake control system. Below is a comparison of waterproof micro switches and plastic button switches to analyze their advantages:


miniature sealed micro switch

1. Waterproof Performance:

Plastic Push Button Switches: Typically made with simple plastic structures, lacking effective waterproof design. Over time, there will be a risk of moisture ingress, leading to failure in humid or rainy conditions.

Waterproof Micro Push Button Switches: Designed with sealing capabilities, offering excellent waterproof performance. After wiring, they achieve an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, ensuring reliable operation in all weather conditions.


2. Durability:

Plastic Push Button Switches: Limited by material and design, they have a shorter lifespan, usually only about 10,000 cycles. They are prone to damage from external forces, increasing maintenance costs.

Waterproof Micro Push Button Switches: Made with superior materials and precise designs, they can endure more operations and external impacts, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 cycles, reducing replacement frequency and maintenance costs.


3. Sensitivity and Reliability:

–  Plastic Push Button Switches: Lower sensitivity and longer response time may prevent quick power cut-off in emergencies, posing safety risks.

Waterproof Micro Push Button Switches: High sensitivity and short response time allow instantaneous power cut-off, enhancing the safety and reliability of the braking system.


4. Adaptability:

Plastic Push Button Switches: Performance can be unstable in extreme environments such as high temperatures, low temperatures, or high humidity, affecting the overall performance of the electric bike.

Waterproof Micro Push Button Switches: Highly adaptable design ensures stable operation in various extreme environments, including high temperatures, low temperatures, and high humidity, maintaining normal functionality of the switch under all conditions.



In summary, KW1 waterproof micro push button switches offer significant advantages over traditional plastic push button switches in the application of electric bike brake control system. Their superior waterproof performance, high sensitivity, high reliability, and strong durability not only meet the increasingly stringent safety regulations but also enhance the overall quality and user experience of electric bikes. Although the cost of waterproof micro switches is relatively higher, their long-term benefits in terms of lifespan and maintenance costs make them a more economically viable option. As the electric bike industry continues to develop, the application of waterproof micro switches in brake buttons will become more widespread, providing consumers with safer and more reliable travel options.

Sealed Ultra Subminiature Micro Switch Manufacturer Sealed Ultra Subminiature Micro Switch Manufacturer 

Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 1993, is located in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of about 20,000 square meters. Our company specializes in the production of micro switches, detector switches, and puhs button switches. Kangerle boasts advanced production equipment and processes to ensure stable and reliable switch performance. The company is staffed with a highly qualified team, including 10 engineers, 12 technicians, and over 20 mid-to-senior level management personnel. Kangerle has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system and IATF16949:2016 system certification, and our switches have obtained multiple certifications such as UL, TUV, CB, CE, CQC, and ROHS, ensuring product quality meets international standards.

In the field of electric bikes, Kangerle’s products are extensively used in brake systems, helmet locks, safety charging, and anti-theft locks, characterized by durability, reliability, and high performance. We supports OEM/ODM services, providing customized solutions according to customer needs. We welcome all business partners to visit and discuss cooperation, jointly promoting the development of the electric transportation industry. For more information on switch details and customization requirements, please visit our website.

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