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What is a micro switch used in electric bike charger?

In recent years, safety accidents related to E-bikes have occurred frequently, with the most common being fires caused by improper charging or parking. In addition to these, e-bikes safety issues also involve other aspects, including the design and manufacturing quality of the bicycles themselves, the safety of riding operations, battery safety, and external environmental factors. Those incidents have brought many important insights and warnings. Therefore, many regulations are supervising and managing the production and use of E-bikes. Today, we will mainly discuss the issue of electric bicycle safety charging devices.


Principle and Characteristics of Micro Switches

micro switch structure

Micro switches are mainly composed of contacts, buttons, movable pieces, levers, terminals, etc. They have small contact gaps and operating travel, enabling rapid circuit switching. The working principle of micro switches is based on the mechanical contact connection and separation situation. When external force is applied to the button, the internal contacts will be connected or disconnected under the action of the lever, thereby controlling the circuit’s on-off state.

ON state: When external force is applied to the micro switch button or actuator arm, displacement occurs, causing the contacts on the movable piece to connect with the fixed contacts, thereby connecting the circuit.

OFF state: When external force is removed or reduced, the button or actuator arm will return to its original position under the action of the spring or reed, causing the contacts on the movable piece to disconnect from the fixed contacts, thereby breaking the circuit.


Application of Kangle Micro Switches in Electric Bicycle Charging Devices

electric bike charger

As shown in the diagram, most of the charging sockets for E-bikes are of this three-pin type. It has protection functions such as overcharging, over-temperature, and reverse connection. However, it does not have the function of automatically disconnecting the 220V power supply, which may cause fires and other situations due to long-term power supply.

KW3 micro switch for electric bike charger

To solve the safety problems of ordinary charging interfaces without affecting the accurate monitoring of the charger on the battery, manufacturers have connected a push button micro switch KW3-6A-C or a lever micro switch KW3-6A-2C behind the charging socket. The length of this lever is about 27.5mm. When the electric bike is not charging, the micro switch disconnects the circuit of the charging socket. So there won’t be output voltage between the metal pins of the charging socket, preventing electric shock accidents and short circuits. When the electric vehicle is charging, inserting the charger plug into the charging socket presses the KW3 micro switch button behind the charging socket, connecting the circuit and realizing the normal charging process. On the other hand, when the electric bicycle is fully charged or reaches the set charging time, the micro switch will also disconnect the circuit to cut off the power supply. This improves the safety performance of the charger. The KW3 micro switch can also detect whether the charger is correctly connected to the power socket, ensuring the normal power supply of the charger. If the charger is detected to be unconnected or improperly connected, the micro switch can also cut off the charging circuit to avoid charging failures or safety hazards.


Advantages of Kangerle Micro Switch KW3

What is a micro switch used in electric bike charger?插图3

Small size: The KW3 micro switch has a compact structure, suitable for embedding in electric bikecharging devices without occupying too much internal space.

Long electrical life: The KW3 micro switch adopts high-quality materials, and the product has global safety certifications. It has a long electrical life and high reliability, ensuring the safe charging of electric bicycle

Strong load capacity: The KW3 micro switch not only has a strong load capacity but also has a wide range of selectable current ranges. The minimum current of the KW3 micro switch is 0.1A 250V AC, and the high current can reach 21A 250V AC, completely eliminating concerns about the load applied in E-bikescharging devices.


The Importance of Kangerle Micro Switch KW3 in Improving Electric Bicycle Charging Safety

As an important component of charging devices, micro switches play a crucial role in improving the safety of electric bike charging due to their own product advantages. The importance of Kangle Micro Switch KW3 is reflected in the following aspects:

Safety guarantee: Micro switches can achieve real-time monitoring and control of the charging process. Once abnormal conditions are detected, such as battery disconnection or poor connection, charger disconnection or poor connection, etc., the charging circuit can be cut off promptly to ensure the safety and reliability of the charging process.

User prompt: Micro switches can convey charging status information to users through indicator lights or other means, reminding users of the charging status and operation tips after charging completion, enhancing user awareness and control of the charging process.

System stability: Micro switches have the characteristics of simple structure and high reliability, ensuring the stability and continuity of the charging system. Reasonable setting of micro switches can effectively reduce the occurrence of charging failures, thereby improving the stability and reliability of the system.


Electric Bicycle Charging Switch– China Micro Switch Manufacturer

china micro switch manufacturer
china micro switch manufacturer

Zhejiang Kangle Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of electronic switches such as micro switches, detection switches, push-button switches, tactile switches, and boat switches. We have more than 30 years of experience in switch R&D and production. Kangle Factory covers an area of approximately 20,000 square meters, equipped with high-standard laboratories, more than 10 automated production lines, more than 200 sets of molds, and multiple advanced testing equipment. The company has passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality management system certifications, and our products have obtained UL, TUV, CE, CB, CQC, RoHS, and other certifications. With the joint efforts of all employees, we have established a one-stop service system covering product design, injection molding, precision stamping, assembly, testing, mass production, and after-sales service. Kangle is committed to providing professional micro switch solutions for customers and supporting OEM/ODM services. In the field of electric bikes, Kangle micro switches have also been successfully applied in helmet locks, helmet detection locks, headlights, brake systems, anti-theft locks, and other components. If you are looking for a micro switch used in E-bikes, welcome to visit our official website  for more details:

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