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How many types of micro switches are there?

When it comes to micro switches, there are various types and models available in the market. Micro switches are widely used for controlling the connection and disconnection of circuits. There are many different types of micro switches, each with its unique characteristics and advantages. In this article, we will focus on categorizing and applying micro switches, hoping to assist you in choosing the right micro switch for your projects.

Structure and Principle of Micro Switches

micro switch structure

The characteristics of micro switches include a small contact gap, short action travel, light operating force, and rapid feedback, often referred to as snap action micro switches. Its construction includes components like contacts, terminals, supports, movable metal pieces, buttons, and operating levers. The working principle of a micro switch involves a mechanical force acting through transmission elements (such as buttons, operating levers, etc.) on the movable metal pieces. When it moves to a critical point, momentary action occurs, causing the movable contact at the end of the movable metal pieces to quickly connect or disconnect from the fixed contact, thus rapidly opening or closing the circuit.

Classification and Types of Micro Switches

Micro switches can be classified based on various characteristics:

  1. Size

   – Basic Micro Switch: Standard-sized switches suitable for general applications.

   – Miniature Micro Switch: Compact and smaller than basic switches, ideal for space-constrained installations.

   – Ultra-Miniature Micro Switch: Extremely small-sized switches suitable for high-space-constraint scenarios like miniature electronic devices and precision instruments.

These different-sized micro switches cater to diverse needs, from general applications to specialized equipment requiring smaller spaces.


  1. Protection Performance

   – Waterproof Micro Switch: Functionally designed to operate in humid conditions or situations where liquid splashes are prevalent.

   – Dust-proof Micro Switch: Prevents dust, particles, or impurities from affecting switch operations, commonly used in dusty industrial environments or specific outdoor settings.

   – Explosion-proof Micro Switch: Designed for safe usage in explosive environments, preventing sparks that could ignite flammable gases or vapors. Commonly used in hazardous locations like chemical plants, mines, etc.

These protection features enable micro switches to operate in various special environments, ensuring normal and stable operation to meet diverse industrial and application needs.


  1. Circuit Form

   – Single-pole Micro Switch: Controls the connection and disconnection of a single circuit, suitable for general electronic devices or single-circuit control scenarios.

   – Double-pole Micro Switch: Controls two independent circuits simultaneously, offering more flexible circuit control options.

   – Multi-pole Micro Switch: Controls multiple independent circuits’ connection and disconnection, suitable for devices/systems requiring simultaneous operation of multiple circuits or complex control needs.

These different types of micro switches fulfill various circuit control requirements, from single-circuit control to complex multi-channel control, providing diverse options applicable to different electronic devices and systems.

  1. Operating Environment

   – Ordinary Micro Switch: Suitable for general environmental conditions, operates normally within standard temperature and humidity ranges.

   – High-Temperature Resistant Micro Switch (250℃): Offers stronger resistance to high temperatures, suitable for scenarios operating at higher temperatures, typically capable of withstanding around 250 degrees Celsius.

   – Ultra High-Temperature Ceramic (400℃) Micro Switch: Possesses extreme resistance to high temperatures, is suitable for stable operation in extremely high-temperature ranges, typically capable of withstanding around 400 degrees Celsius.

These various types of micro switches meet the demands of different industrial and application scenarios, ensuring stable and reliable switch functionality in different environmental conditions.

KANGERLE Micro Switch Models

KANGERLE manufacturer currently offers various micro switch models including:

– Ultra-Miniature Micro Switches: KFC-W series, KFC-V series

How many types of micro switches are there?插图1

KANGERLE ultra-miniature micro switches from the KFC-W and KFC-V series are detection switches, with over a hundred product options. These switches come in various types such as surface-mount, through-hole, normally open, normally closed, and horizontal installation, catering to diverse detection needs.

– Ordinary Micro Switches: KW3 series, KW12 series

KW3,KW12 micro switch

KANGERLE ordinary micro switches include the KW3 and KW12 series, differing in size and appearance. KW3 micro switch measures 27.8×10.2×15.9mm, while KW12 micro switch measures 19.8×6.4×10.6mm. There are many types of these two series of micro switches, such as normally open micro switch, normally closed micro switch, and single pole double throw micro switch. Moreover, 2 pins micro switch, micro switch with 3 terminals, roller lever micro switch, etc, are also available. They are widely used in household appliances, industrial equipment, and automotive components due to their broad current load range, various circuit forms, and long electrical life.

– Miniature Micro Switches: KW10 series

miniature micro switch manufacturer

KANGERLE miniature micro switch KW10 series has very small dimensions, only measuring 12.8*5.8*6.5mm, even smaller than an adult’s little finger’s fingertip. Due to its miniature structure, the KW10 micro switch is applied in many compact space installations, such as car ETC, electric vehicle charging cabinet battery locks, mice, car seat belt locks, etc.

– Waterproof (IP67-rated) Micro Switches: KW1 series, KW2 series, KW4 series, WS1 series, and WS2 series

waterproof micro switch

KANGERLE offers various series of waterproof micro switches like KW1 series, KW2 series, KW4 series, WS1 series, and WS2 series. Among them, the KW1 series has the smallest size while the WS2 series has the largest dimensions. WS1 and WS2 series have strong current load capabilities, mainly used in household appliances and industrial equipment. KW1, KW2, and KW4 series are widely used in the automotive industry for applications like car door locks, gear shifters, tailgate locks, charging guns, etc. KANGERLE waterproof micro switches have high sealing properties, achieving IP67-rated waterproof and dust-proof capabilities, suitable for rainy, humid, and dusty environments.

Tactile push button switch manufacturer

In conclusion, micro switches present a diverse array of types tailored to meet specific requirements in various industries and applications. From varying sizes to distinct protective features and breaking capacities, these switches offer versatility, reliability, and precision, making them indispensable components across numerous technological and industrial fields. If you are interested in micro switches, feel free to visit the KANGERLE official website for more detailed information:!

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