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How many amps is a micro switch?

What is a micro switch?

A micro switch is a small, sensitive switch that does not require much effort to operate. Micro switches are also called sensitive switches and contact switches. It usually consists of a movable contact point and a fixed contact point, which can achieve the function of connecting or disconnecting the circuit when acted by external force.

Classification of micro switch

There are many kinds of micro switches, according to the classification of body type, they can be divided into mini micros witches, medium micro switches, and large micro switches; according to the division of protection ability, they can be divided into waterproof micro switches and micro switches; according to the division of breakage form, they can be divided into double-throw type and single-throw type. Users can choose different micro switches according to their actual needs.

What are the currents of common micro switches?

Micro switches are typically capable of breaking currents from 0.1A/5VDC to 25A/250VAC. The micro switch product line offers a range of products from low energy types to power load electrical types for a variety of applications. When we are shopping for micro switches daily, their rated current and rated voltage are what we need to take into consideration. So what is the current and voltage of a specific micro switch? Rated voltage refers to the contacts of the micro switch that can work reliably in how many volts of voltage, the domestic is generally divided into DC 24V, AC and DC 110V, AC and DC 220V. rated current refers to these micro switch contacts that can reliably pass the current, the current is generally 0.1A, 1A, 10A, 15A, higher than 20A, and so on. The salesman should be familiar with the rated current and voltage required for some products to recommend the corresponding suitable micro switch to the customer.

What are the materials of the contacts corresponding to different amperages?

micro switch structure

(take our micro switch KW3 as an example)

Amp 0.1A to 1A: The contacts are usually copper points. A micro switch with copper contacts has a low current and is often used to detect the state of a circuit, i.e. for signaling purposes. It can be used in small power appliances, if the user does not require a high electrical life of the product, and the use of the environment is not harsh, then the copper contact is an excellent choice, after all, the price is not high.

Amp around 10A : the contacts are usually composite silver points. Under the rated current voltage of 10A/250VAC, this type of micro switch can satisfy both the electrical life of 50,000 times or more and customers who have a budget but not too high. Micro switches with composite silver contacts can be used in ice machines as well as air fryers.

Amp 15A or even greater amperage: the contacts are usually sterling silver points. Sterling silver point micro switches are used in high-power appliances where high electrical life is required. If the environment is humid or the temperature is high, the contacts should preferably be gold-plated with silver dots.

So in summary, again, in how to choose the proper micro switch, the user in addition to the appearance of the switch size, whether waterproof and electrical life requirements, the size of the amperage is also a good reference standard.

micro switch

Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. currently produces and sells a complete range of micro switches, which can meet the needs of different customers. In addition, it is worth mentioning that our company has independently developed a micro switch with an amperage greater than 20A, and the electrical life is far more than 50,000 times under the condition of 21A/250VAC. If you need a micro switch but don’t know how to choose, welcome to find our sales representatives for consultation. If you want to learn more about switches, please click on our official website to see more.

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