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Club Car Golf Carts are some of the most popular golf carts on the market. They are known for their reliability and ease of use, making them perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re looking to get around your local golf course or just want to enjoy a leisurely ride in your backyard, Club Car Golf Carts offer an affordable and reliable option. When a golf cart breaks down, in many cases it is caused by a micro switch. So, what is the role of micro switches in golf carts?


What is a Micro Switch and What Function Does it Serve in a Club Car Golf Cart?

A micro switch is a device used in club car golf carts to detect the position of the accelerator pedal. It is a small, simple switch that can be used to determine if the pedal is being pressed or not. The micro switch works by sending an electrical signal when it detects that the pedal has been pressed. This signal then triggers other components in the golf cart, such as activating the motor and other systems. By using a micro switch, club car golf carts can ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently.

In addition to the accelerator pedal, micro switches can also be used as part of the forward and  reverse selector switches on golf carts. They can provide signals to indicate the direction of the switch or activate the reverse buzzer.

What Are The Club Car Micro Switch Problems?

If you are the owner of a Club Car golf cart, you may have encountered issues with your micro switch. This device is responsible for switching power from the battery to the motor and can be prone to malfunction or failure.

1. Mechanical switch is stuck and cannot be flipped over when charging

2. Wiring problems with the switch or the wires near it

3. Overall structural failure affecting power flow

4. Current problems in components

5. Deviation from the standard position may lead to malfunction

6. Circuit breaker trips, which may result in poor switch operation

When these problems arise, it is important to know how to test your micro switches. Here is the step-by-step guide you can reference during this test.

1. Remove the components around the micro switch — the micro switch is located somewhere under the vehicle chassis or body. For example, the pedal switch is located under the instrument panel and close to the pedal. You must open these areas, which will help you replace them more easily and get the best upgrade effect.

2. Find the micro switch — these switches are very small in size, the housing is black, and there are two wires connected with its terminals at the same time.

3. Disconnect the switch –the two wires to the switch will be positive and negative. First, remove the positive wire — usually red. It needs to be kept away from the negative wire, and it can be fixed with adhesive tape. Then remove the negative wire and stick it similarly.

4. Test with a digital multimeter — put the probe of the digital multimeter on the appropriate terminal, press the button of the micro switch, then you can see the number “1” on the multimeter and make a noise. After releasing the button, the number returns to “0”, indicating that the micro switch is normal. If the whole range of the multimeter is “0”, there is a problem with the micro switch, and a new micro switch needs to be replaced.


KANGERLE micro switches are very common in many types of electronic equipment. Our KW3 series of golf cart micro switches provide them with many advantages to ensure their safe and stable operation. The micro switch KW3 for golf carts has a small contact gap and high-speed operation. It has the characteristics of small compact size, high sensitivity, and micro operating travel. The circuit code of the KW3 micro switch for golf carts can be divided into three types: SPDT type, SPST-NO type, and SPST-NC type. KANGERLE has a wide range of wiring terminals and a variety of levers for your selection. The switch has a strong current load capacity, and long electrical life, and has global safety certification to ensure the stable and reliable quality of the switch.

As a professional micro switch manufacturer, KANGERLE has 30 years of OEM/ODM experience to provide customers with one-stop micro switch solutions. For more details about our micro switches, please visit the official website of KANGERLE

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