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What is the internal structure of a waterproof micro switch?

Waterproof micro switches are a common electronic component that is ideal for applications that operate in wet or humid environments. For example, coffee makers, washing machines, dishwashers, car door locks, power tools, and more. Waterproof micros switches are commonly used to control on-off functions or act as signals in devices. They have compact structures and are suitable for external working environments.

Waterproof Micro Switch

KANGERLE waterproof micro switch is mainly composed of a waterproof silicone sleeve, push button, spring, lever, terminal, contact, and so on. Its working principle is based on minute mechanical contact. When an external force is applied to the switch’s push button or lever, the contacts inside the switch will be connected or disconnected under the movements of the spring. This can change the situation of the circuit. KANGERLE waterproof micro switches have a special sealing design that prevents water, moisture, dust, or other external environmental factors from entering the interior of the switches and damaging their electrical components. This also makes them reach IP67-rated waterproof and dust-proof protection levels. With strong sealing performance and long electrical life, they are widely used in many applications. We will carry out an in-depth analysis to help you better understand the internal structure of the waterproof micro switch.

  1. Housing and sealing

One of the primary features of a waterproof micro switch is its housing and sealing structure. The housing is usually made of durable and environmentally friendly materials to protect the internal components from the external environment. A gasket or sealant is typically used to seal the housing to prevent liquid or moisture from penetrating the interior. This seal is critical because waterproof micro switches may operate in wet, rainy scenarios.

  1. Levers

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One of the core components of a waterproof micro switch is the lever, also known as the operating lever. This is a piece of metal that has a certain thickness and toughness. It is commonly found in straight, bent, and roller shapes. When we press the lever of the switch, it pushes down on the button to trigger the switch’s action. The shape and size of the lever and the choice of material directly affect the sensibility, operating force, and travel of the switch. KANGERLE waterproof micro switches are equipped with a wide range of lever shapes and sizes for customers to select from.

  1. Contacts

The contacts on the actuator of a waterproof micro switch can be connected or separated by a spring. This movement will realize the on/off situation for the circuit. Contacts are usually made of conductive materials such as copper or silver to ensure that the current can be conducted properly. KANGERLE waterproof micro switches are equipped with pure silver for the internal contacts, which can be used for a maximum current of 10A. Meanwhile, long electrical life is available to meet the load requirements of many products.

  1. Terminals

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The terminals of waterproof micro switches are also called pins, and there are usually 3 of them: common terminal (COM), normally open terminal (NO), and normally closed terminal (NC). The terminals of waterproof micro switches can be soldered with the wires. Then, this switch will reach IP67-grade waterproof and dust-proof production after wiring. KANGERLE waterproof micro switches are available in different kinds of terminals, commonly used soldering terminals, twisted soldering terminals, quick-connected terminals, PCB terminals, and so on. Moreover, we support several wiring types for your demands.

  1. Spring

Waterproof micro switches usually contain a spring, which is used to change and restore the position of the switch contacts and levers. This ensures that when a mechanical force ceases to act on the switch, the switch is able to return to its initial state. The selection and design of the spring are critical to the performance of the switch.

  1. Internal circuitry

Waterproof micro switches usually have simple internal circuits for connecting or disconnecting circuits. These circuits can be customized to meet the needs of different applications. For example, waterproof micro switches have normally open and normally closed contacts that allow the circuit to be changed under different conditions. The normally open function can be selected if the switch needs to be pressed to conduct and released to disconnect. On the contrary, the normally closed function means the switch needs to conduct when not pressed and disconnect when pressed.

  1. Lifetime and reliability

The life and reliability of a waterproof micro switch depend on the quality of its internal structure and the choice of materials. High-quality switches usually have a longer life and higher reliability. KANGERLE waterproof micro switches are made of materials that meet international environmental standards and have advanced technology. Our switches also obtained product certifications such as CE, CB, CQC, TUV, UL, RoHS, and so on. At the same time, KANGERLE has passed ISO:9001 and IATF:16949 quality management system. We stick to paying attention to the quality and provide omnidirectional service for the customer.

In summary, the internal structure of a waterproof micro switch consists of a housing, lever, contacts, terminals, springs, and internal circuitry. These components work together to enable the switch to trigger or disconnect a circuit under mechanical force.

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KANGERLE waterproof micro switches are widely used in a variety of electronic devices, including automotive control systems, medical equipment, household appliances, car washing guns, power tools, and more. The strong sealing, waterproof, and dust-proof performance of the switches allows them to work reliably even in harsh environments. This is crucial for many devices. Besides waterproof micro switches, KANGERLE also produces and sells micro switches, detector switches, limit switches, tact switches, push button switches, etc. KANGERLE aims to provide professional one-stop switch solutions for customers. For more details about switches, please visit our official website:

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