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What is a waterproof micro switch used for charging gun?



With the popularization of new energy vehicles, the demand for charging equipment is growing rapidly. The charging gun, as a key component for electric vehicle charging, has garnered attention for its safety, reliability, and friendly operation. Ensuring safe charging functionality, the waterproof micro switch plays a crucial role in the electronic locking system of the charging gun.

Structure of the New Energy Vehicles Charging Gun

The structure of a new energy vehicle (NEV) charging gun typically includes several essential components:

1. Connector Head: The connector head is the part that interfaces with the charging port on the electric vehicle. It’s designed to securely connect and transmit power and data between the charging gun and the vehicle’s charging inlet.

2. Cable: The cable links the connector head to the main body of the charging gun, allowing the transmission of electricity and signals. It’s usually insulated to ensure safe and efficient power transfer.

3. Main Body: The main body of the charging gun contains various electronic and mechanical componentsresponsible for controlling the charging process. This includes a waterproof micro switch, mechanisms for locking/unlocking, power management, charging control circuits, and safety features.

4. Handle or Grip: The handle or grip of the charging gun is the part that users hold and operate. It houses controls such as switches, buttons, triggers, or grips used to activate the charging gun’s functions, such as locking/unlocking and starting/stopping the charging process.

These main components together constitute the structure of an NEV charging gun. They can enable the connection to a power source and the provision of charging capabilities to the electric vehicle. While the fundamental components remain consistent, variations might exist among different models or manufacturers of charging guns. However, the essential functionalities generally align with the mentioned parts.

Working Principle of Electronic Locks for Charging Guns

charging gun for new energu vehicles

The design of the charging gun usually includes an electronic lock, which can detect whether the charging gun charges correctly and successfully. The electronic locks in charging guns operate through motor-driven mechanisms and integrated control systems, ensuring secure attachment, reliable charging, and safety features to prevent accidental disconnections during the charging process. Components like miniature waterproof micro switches further enhance the safety and functionality of these electronic locks.

What is a Waterproof Micro Switch and its Importance in the Electronic Lock of Charging Guns

charging gun micro switch, waterproof micro switch for charging gun

The waterproof micro switch for charging gun typically features small contact gaps and specified operating travels, realizing the on/off situation of the circuit accurately. It is designed to operate when a slight external force is applied and swiftly actuates when reaching the trigger point. This miniature waterproof micro switch is widely used in charging guns. Most importantly, waterproof and dustproof capabilities up to IP67 grade protection after wiring. The hermetically sealed micro switch is suitable for harsh environments such as high dust, humidity, or rainy conditions.

The charging gun electronic lock is a device that executes locking and unlocking commands on the charging gun during the charging process of an electric vehicle. Equipped with a miniature waterproof micro switch as the trigger device for the electronic lock, it controls the plug-in and pull-out status of the charging gun. This ensures the locking safety during normal charging of electric vehicles and enables safe unplugging after charging completion. The electronic lock effectively prevents the charging gun from loosening or detaching during the charging process. Simultaneously, the electronic lock serves as a billing node. Charging only starts after the electronic lock is engaged, preventing billing for incomplete charges due to loose connections. Billing stops upon unlocking the electronic lock, and cutting off power. Therefore, the waterproof micro switch plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stable operation of the charging gun.

Built-in Resistor Waterproof Micro Switch: The Perfect Solution for Charging Gun

Previously, waterproof micro switches were typically mounted on the charging gun’s PCB (printed circuit board) and would be soldered with a resistor on the board. This setup allowed the switch to output different resistance signals when turned on or off. The control system determined the status of the charging gun based on the resistance value changes. However, external resistor soldering on the PCB increased the usage space of the charging gun. This will make the installation of other electronic components more complicated.

waterproof micro switch with internal resistor

Under this circumstance, our technical team started repeated structural designs and multiple consultations with professional electronic engineers. Finally, they successfully developed a waterproof micro switch with an internal resistor based on our existing KW2 series waterproof micro switch structure. The Built-in resistor waterproof micro switch inside the charging gun can also detect whether the charging gun is pulling and inserted in the right place. Compared with previous waterproof micro switches, an aspect worth highlighting is that the design with an embedded resistor is better. This new waterproof micro switch with an internal resistor not only compressed the usage space of the charging gun PCB board but also saved more costs.

KANGERLE waterproof micro switches with internal resistor can be directly mounted on the PCB and maintain an IP67 grade waterproof and dustproof level after wiring. Moreover, the resistance value can be customized according to the different specifications of the charging guns, meeting various customers’ requirements for the circuit’s output resistance signal.

Advantages of KANGERLE KW2 Series Built-in resistor Waterproof Micro Switches

1. Miniature size and compact structure, occupying minimal space on the circuit board

2. IP67 grade waterproof and dustproof, resistant to various harsh environments

3. Built-inresistor design enhances charging safety

4. Customizable resistance values to meet different charging gun model requirements

5. Wide variety of operating levers

6. Multiple sizes of mounting posts areavailable.

Waterproof Micro Switches Manufacturer China

china micro switch manufacturer

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