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What is a tact switch used in string lights?

Whenever the holiday season arrives, people adorn colorful string lights, enhancing the atmosphere. Among these, the application of tact switches in string lights has become a noteworthy innovation. Traditional string light decorations were once simply about turning on and off. However, tact switches have injected more imagination and creativity into string lights.


What is a tact switch?

tact switch structure

A tact switch, also known as a tactile push button switch, is a switch belonging to the category of electronic components. Also known as a push button switch or sensitive switch, it operates by applying the necessary pressure in the direction of the switch to complete the circuit. When the external force is removed, the switch is disconnected. Its internal structure relies on the force change in a metal snap dome to achieve on-off functionality. A tact switch is mainly composed of pins, contacts, bases, snap domes, dust covers, covers, and buttons. Waterproof types are equipped with a special waterproof film on the snap dome.

Characteristics of tact switches

As a common type of switch, tact switches (Tact Switches) have numerous advantages in various applications, including:

  1. Ease of operation: The operation of tactswitches is usually simple and intuitive. Users only need to press or release the button to establish or break the circuit, making it user-friendly without requiring complex technical knowledge.
  2. High reliability: Most tactswitches adopt a mechanical structure, offering robustness and stability. They endure long-term usage without easily malfunctioning, representing a reliable switch type.
  3. Variety of types to choose from: Tactswitches come in various types and specifications, including surface mounttype, snap-in type, top-push type, side-push type, waterproof, and illuminated versions, catering to diverse circuit connection needs.
  4. Flexible design: Tactswitches can be designed in various shapes, sizes, and styles to match different decoration requirements and environments. Their design aesthetics can complement household or commercial settings.
  5. Wide application: Tactswitches are widely used in various electronic devices, lighting systems, circuit controls, instrumentation, smart homes, automotive electronics, and more, providing a simple and effective control method for these devices.

Therefore, tact switches offer several advantages such as ease of use, reliability, flexible design, and broad applications, making them widely used in various electrical control fields.

The application of tact switches in string lights has brought more convenience and creativity to holiday decorations. Here is KANGERLE tact switch KEL-C015 applied in string lights:

tact switch used in string lights

  1. Mode switching function: Tactswitches can be designed to incorporate multiple lighting modes such as steady, flashing, and fading. By lightly pressing the switch button, users can easily switch between different lighting effects, adding variety and interest to holiday decorations.
  2. Brightness adjustment: Some string light setups integrate adjustable brightness functions. Through the integrated tactswitch, users can adjust the brightness of the string lights to suit their preferences.
  3. Color changes: For colored string lights, tactswitches can control the change of light colors. Pressing the switch or following specific operation modes can alter the light colors, creating different visual effects and enhancing the holiday atmosphere.
  4. Timing function: Some string lights come with timing functions. Utilizing the tactswitch and circuit board, users can set the operating time of the string lights. This feature helps conserve energy and allows for convenient time-saving settings.
  5. Smart control: Certain string lights are equipped with smart tactswitches that can connect to smart home systems. Through mobile apps or voice control, users can remotely manage the lighting, achieving a more intelligent light control system.

Tact switches bring added convenience and creativity to string lights. They enable users to easily control brightness, modes, colors, and operating times, creating diverse decorative effects for different scenarios and needs. Through these functions, tact switches offer string lights greater flexibility and customization possibilities, adding more fun and appeal to holiday decorations.

Advantages of KANGERLE Tact Switchestactile push button switch

Tactile push button switch KEL-C015 is a momentary 6×6 SMD tact switch. The rated load of this 4 pin tact switch is 50mA 12V DC. The following are its advantages for your ref.

  1. Compact size: The KEL-C015 tactswitch is small and lightweight, with a compact structure that doesn’t occupy excessive space on the circuit board, making it suitable for various string light control designs.
  2. Sensitive operation: The KEL-C015 tactswitch requires minimal pressure; a gentle press swiftly toggles between different lighting modes.
  3. Easy installation: The KEL-C015 tactswitch is a surface mount device (SMD), making it easy to install on circuit boards.
  4. Extended electrical life: Our company employs unique anti-silver migration technology, preventing direct conduction and insulation failure, and prolonging the electrical life of tactswitches.
  5. High-quality materials: KANGERLE tactswitches are manufactured using high-quality materials that comply with international environmental standards. Selected for durability, these materials possess wear-resistant and dust-proof characteristics, ensuring stable operation in juicer environments.
  6. Support customization: Tact switch KEL-C015 can be customized with different heights of the button, and it is also can be produced with DIP type. If you need a lighter operating force, our engineer can make a design for your application. Kangerle aims to support professional customization solutions.
  1. Quick delivery: KANGERLE’s factory possesses advanced production equipment and a highly skilled workforce, strictly adhering to high-quality control standards. We optimize production processes, strengthen management, improve production efficiency, and ensuring rapid delivery while effectively managing switch quality.

KANGERLE Tact Switch Manufacturer

Established in 1993, Zhejiang KANGERLE Electronic Co., Ltd., specializes in manufacturing and selling electronic switch products, including tact switches, push button switches, micro switches, detection switches, and more. Our factory, covering an area of approximately 20,000 square meters, is located in Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang.

Tactile push button switch manufacturer

We prioritize product quality management and have established a comprehensive quality control system. Adhering to ISO900 and IATF169491 quality management system requirements, we ensure product stability and reliability. Our products have obtained various international certifications such as UL, TUV, CE, CB, CQC, and ROHS, meeting global quality standards. Equipped with top-notch production equipment, sophisticated testing instruments, orderly automated production lines, and a high-quality workforce, we have the capacity to fulfill large batch orders. Implementing lean production management, we continuously optimize production processes, and improve production efficiency, and product delivery speed.

We value customer service and have established a complete pre-sales consultation and after-sales service system. Adhering to the principle of integrity management, we establish long-term cooperation with customers, providing timely technical support and after-sales services to safeguard customer interests.

Furthermore, KANGERLE can provide personalized custom solutions according to customer needs. Whether it’s appearance design, size specifications, or functional customization, we offer professional technical support and customized services to meet diverse customer requirements.

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