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What Is A Electric Bicycle Brake Control Switch

With the popularization of e-bikes, people’s requirements for their performance and safety are gradually increasing. Among them, the reliability and sensitivity of the brake system are crucial to riding safety. The application of a waterproof micro switch in the brake system provides important support for the performance of the e-bike. On one hand, it can keep the brake system working properly in bad weather conditions. On the other hand, a waterproof micro switch can help extend the life of the brake system and improve the safety and comfort of riding. In this article, we will mainly introduce the application of KANGERLE waterproof micro switches in e-bike brakes.

Importance of E-bike Brake System

The performance of an e-bike brake system is directly related to the safety of the rider. That is to say, it needs to be efficient and reliable. The brake system always operates in different weather conditions, including rain or wet roads. Traditional brake systems cannot fully guarantee the timeliness and reliability of braking, which requires the application of waterproof micro switches.

Overview of Waterproof Micro Switches

Waterproof micro switches usually consist of a spring, contacts, push button, lever, terminals, and a sealed enclosure. Although small in size, they have been widely used in many applications. KANGERLE waterproof micro switches with wires can achieve the IP67 rating of waterproof and dust-proof protection. They are able to work normally in wet, rainy, or dusty conditions, which is crucial for the braking system of an e-bike.

The role of KANGERLE waterproof micro switches in e-bike brakes

E-bikes are usually equipped with a brake handle through which the rider controls the brake. When the rider pulls the brake handle, it applies pressure to the brake disc or drum, which slows or stops the rotation of the wheel. This operation is the traditional way of braking, but modern e-bikes incorporate a waterproof micro switch design to improve the reliability and safety of the brakes.

micro switch used in brake handle

KANGERLE waterproof micro switches are usually installed inside or near the brake handle of the e-bike. When the rider uses the brake handle, the lever applies force to the waterproof micro switch to trigger it. Once the waterproof micro switch is triggered, it connects or disconnects a circuit and sends a brake signal to the e-bike’s control system. This trigger signal is the key to the activation of the braking system. It enables the control system of the e-bike to reduce the output power of the motor or cut off the power supply of the motor. Then, slowing down or stopping the rotation of the wheel could be realized. Therefore, this is also known as the e-bike’s power-off brake.

Simply put, the principle of KANGERLE waterproof micro switch in the e-bike braking system is to detect the operation of the brake handle and trigger an electronic signal to control the e-bike’s braking system so as to ensure that the rider can safely slow down and stop the bike. This design helps to improve the safety and controllability of the e-bike.

Features of KW1 waterproof micro switch

  1. Miniature size

KANGERLE waterproof micro switch KW1 is small in size and light in weight and does not occupy too much space in the brake handle assembly of the e-bike.

  1. Convenientoperation

The KW1 waterproof micro switch is compact and has a small contact gap, which enables it to quickly realize the on-off of the circuit. This helps the switch to sensitively detect the status of the e-bike’s handle and thus trigger the power-off brake function.

  1. Waterproof Performance

KW1 waterproof micro switches are highly sealed and can be IP67 rated waterproof and dust-proof after soldering the wires. The switch ensures the normal operation of the brake system even when the e-bike is ridden in high temperatures, rainy days, or dusty environments.

  1. Reliability

KANGERLE waterproof micro switch KW1 is a domestic replacement for ALPS, we have tested the mechanical and electrical properties of the product in a laboratory that meets UL standards. The long electrical life and stable quality can improve the safety and reliability of the e-bike braking system.

  1. Diversified Customization

KW1 waterproof micro switches are equipped with different types of terminals and different sizes of locating posts, and there are also a variety of soldering wire outlets to choose from, KANGERLE aims to provide customers with professional one-stop e-bike switch solutions.

In a word, the application of waterproof micro switches in e-bike braking systems is crucial to improve rider safety and extend the life of the braking system. These small but powerful electronic components can work reliably under various weather conditions, providing a better riding experience for e-bike users. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, the design and performance of KANGERLE’s waterproof micro switches will be further enhanced to meet the growing demand of the e-bike market. As a professional manufacturer of waterproof micro switches, in addition to KW1 series, KANGERLE also produces KW2, KW4, WS1, and WS2 series waterproof micro switches. They differ in size and electrical performance. For more details about the products, please visit KANGERLE official website.

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