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What is a detector switch used in portable auto car ashtray?

In recent years, with the development of the automotive industry, the comfort and safety of the car interior have been increasingly valued by people. The car ashtray, as a device for collecting ash and cigarette butts, is often installed inside the side doors or the center console of a car. People usually need to rotate or pull it out to use such traditional ashtrays. However, these types of ashtrays are generally fixed and cannot be disassembled or are difficult to remove for cleaning. Additionally, their shallow and small compartments result in a single-function use, making it easy for ash to spill out. Therefore, to address this issue, many automotive accessory manufacturers have introduced multi-functional car ashtrays, which have gradually gained popularity due to their simple design and diverse functions. The addition of ultra-miniature detector switches has brought new possibilities to car ashtrays. This article will mainly explore the application of ultra-miniature detector switches in portable auto car ashtrays and the benefits they bring.


Brief Introduction of Ultra-Miniature Detector Switches

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A detection switch is a type of miniature electronic component designed to detect changes in mechanical movements and convert them into electronic signals, thereby controlling the switch status of related equipment. They are characterized by their small size, high sensitivity, and quick response. These switches come in various types, with compact dimensions and easy integration, making them widely applicable in smart homes, electronic security products, toys, shared power banks, and other products. The KANGERLE detector switch KFC-V-206K series, with its high performance, reliability, and flexibility, is used in car ashtrays.


Current Situation and Challenges of Car Ashtrays

Traditional car ashtrays typically employ simple mechanical structures, requiring users to manually open or close the ashtray lid. This design presents several problems:

  1. Inconvenient to use: Users need to operate manually, which is not convenient or fast.
  2. Hygiene issues: The ashtray lid needs frequent contact, which can lead to hand contamination.
  3. Safety hazards: If the user fails to close the ashtray lid promptly, it may result in ash falling or scattering, affecting the cleanliness of the car interior and driving safety.


Application of KANGERLE Sub-miniature Detector Switches KFC-V-206K in Car Ashtrays

The use of sub-miniature detector switches can effectively solve the problems associated with traditional car ashtrays. A multi-functional auto car ashtray is equipped with three KANGERLE KFC-V-206K detector switches , providing the following specific applications:

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  1. Automatic sensing of switch status: By integrating ultra-miniature detectorswitches inside the ashtray lid, the open and closed status of the lid can be sensed in real-time.
  2. Intelligent control of the ashtray lid: When the status of the ashtray lid is detected, the detectorswitchKFC-V-206K can automatically open or close the ashtray. Users do not need to manually press, just gently lift their hand to achieve the effect of opening when approached and closing when moved away, providing convenience and avoiding ash scattering.
  3. Intelligent lighting control system: The ashtray interior is also equipped with LED lighting, which can be controlled by the detectorswitch to automatically turn on when the lid is opened and turn off when the lid is closed, facilitating use in dim environments.


Advantages and Benefits of Micro Detector Switches in Portable Auto Car Ashtray

The application of sub-miniature detector switches normally closed type in car ashtrays brings many benefits:

  1. Enhanced safety: Automatic control of ashtray lid opening and closing reduces the possibility of ash falling, thereby enhancing driving safety.
  2. Improved hygiene: Users do not need to directly touch the ashtray lid, avoiding bacterial contamination from multiple contacts and improving the cleanliness of the car interior.
  3. Enhanced comfort: The intelligent sensing and automatic control functions enhance the user experience, making the car interior more comfortable and convenient.
  4. Enhanced reliability: KANGERLEdetectorswitches use high-quality materials and unique designs, with products being environmentally friendly and compliant with ROHS and IATF16949 automotive system standards. The long mechanical and electrical life ensures the reliability of multi-functional car ashtrays, enhancing user experience.


Detector Switch Manufacturer from China

In summary, the application of ultra-miniature detector switches KFC-V-206K in car ashtrays provides a new solution to improve the car interior environment, with significant implications and broad market prospects.

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Zhejiang KANGERLE Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 in  Wenzhou city, specializing in the production and manufacturing of detector switches. Over the past 30 years, we have launched hundreds of different styles of detection switches. With high quality and competitive prices, KANGERLE detector switches have gradually become the preferred alternative for customers compared to big brands such as ALPS and Panasonic. Currently, KANGERLE detector switches are mainly divided into the KFC-V series and the KFC-W series. The product designs cover various structures such as push-button, side-push, vertical, and horizontal, with accessories including DIP and SMD terminal forms. Additionally, there are various specifications of switch levers and buttons to choose from. Customers can select suitable KANGERLE detector switches based on application requirements, including switch size, button direction, and action travel.

In addition to detector switches, we also produce and sell waterproof micro switches, tactile switches, metal push button switches, rocker switches, and other products. KANGERLE has passed ISO: 9001 and IATF: 16949 quality management system certification, and our products have obtained CE, CB, CQC, UL, TUV, RoHS, and other global safety certifications. Our switches are now widely used in household appliances, automotive industries, security products, medical devices, industrial equipment, communication equipment, electronic products, and other fields, becoming an important supplier to manufacturers in these industries. KANGERLE aims to provide customers with professional switch solutions and one-stop services. Please go and check out our official website for more details about switches:

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