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What does a micro switch do in a pet electronic automatic feeder?

The advancement of contemporary technology has brought about significant convenience in our daily lives, particularly in pet care. Pet electronic automatic feeders not only provide scheduled and measured meals conveniently for pets but also ensure their regular feeding when the owners are away. Micro switches, as one of the crucial components, play a pivotal role in this system.

Micro Switch In Automatic Feeder-Kangerle

Principle of Operation for Pet Electronic Automatic Feeders

Electronic automatic feeders function through an embedded electronic control system where user-set timings and food quantities are input. At predetermined intervals, the electronic control system activates and drives the corresponding mechanical or electric feeding device to accurately dispense the set amount of food into the pet’s bowl or a designated area. These automatic feeders typically come equipped with sensors and detection devices to monitor food levels, dispensing conditions, and potential malfunctions, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the feeding process. The system’s intelligence and precise control enable pets to receive predetermined food quantities at scheduled intervals, meeting their daily dietary needs while providing owners with a convenient and reliable feeding solution.

Understanding Micro Switches

micro switch structure

A micro switch is a small mechanical switch with tiny contact gaps and defined actuation strokes. Thus, it is also referred to as a limit switch or a snap-action switch. It is commonly used to detect or control the position or state of mechanical motion, opening or closing circuits upon triggering and generating corresponding signals.

  1. Structural Composition: A micro switch typically consists of contacts, terminals, levers, brackets, movable pieces, springs, buttons, and actuator arms.
  2. Triggering Mechanism: When external force or motion is applied to the actuator of the micro switch, the trigger mechanism with loaded springs undergoes displacement, causing movement internally.How does a micro switch work
  3. Contact and Actuation: Micro switches operate on a principle known as “momentary action” or “snap action.” When the mechanical movement reaches a specific position or state, the trigger mechanism rapidly switches the contact connections, resulting in a momentary state of circuit connection or disconnection. This can be utilized to control equipment start/stop, position control, safety protection, etc.

In summary, by virtue of their sensitive triggering mechanisms and snap-action principles, micro switches rapidly trigger when specific positions or states of mechanical movement are reached, controlling the switch status of circuits, and facilitating control or monitoring of equipment or systems.


The Role of KANGERLE Micro Switches in Pet Electronic Automatic Feeders

Micro Switch  used In Automatic Feeder

Micro switches play crucial roles in automatic feeders, primarily in the following aspects:

  1. Precise Food Dispensation: Micro switches in automatic feeders are typically connected to the device’s moving parts—the food dispensing mechanism. When the preset time arrives or when the owner presses the feed button, the micro switch is triggered, causing contact closure, and activating the feeder’s motor, or other components to initiate the food release process. This ensures food is dispensed in the predetermined quantity, avoiding overfeeding or insufficient food scenarios. Thus, with the assistance of micro switches, pet automatic feeders accurately detect and control food release.
  2. Safety Measures: Micro switches contribute to ensuring the safe operation of pet automatic feeders. For instance, if there’s a blockage or an abnormality in the food storage compartment, the micro switch promptly detects and signals, halting the food release to prevent potential malfunctions or accidents, safeguarding the pet’s health and safety.
  3. Prolonging Device Lifespan: Precise control through micro switches also aids in extending the lifespan of pet automatic feeders. It can accurately monitor and control mechanical operations, preventing equipment damage due to abnormal operations or frequent erroneous triggering, thereby improving equipment reliability and stability.

Overall, micro switches play a critical role in pet electronic automatic feeders by providing precise control and monitoring, promptly signaling the control system, ensuring the feeder’s proper operation, and the pet’s dietary safety. As technology advances, the application of micro switches is expected to become more widespread, offering more reliable support for various automated devices. Therefore, in designing and manufacturing pet electronic automatic feeders, the reasonable selection and use of micro switches are crucial, contributing to enhancing the device’s quality and user experience.

Pet Electronic Automatic Feeders: Recommended KANGERLE Micro Switch Models

KW12 Series Micro Switches

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The KANGERLE KW12 series micro switch is a snap action micro switch with a small size and compact structure, capable of quick actions and precise control over circuit connectivity.

KW12 Micro Switch Specifications:

Rated Load: 0.1-10A 125/250VAC

Operating Temperature: T125

Circuit Form: SPDT/NO/NC

Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ

Contact Resistance: ≤30mΩ

Dielectric Strength: 50/60HZ 1min


KW10 Series Micro Switches

miniature micro switch manufacturer

The KANGERLE KW10 micro switch is a small micro switch with dimensions of only 12.8×5.8×6.5MM. Its small size and light weight make it occupy minimal internal space when installed in pet feeders.

KW10 Micro Switch Specifications:

Product Name: KANGERLE Micro Switch KW10

Rated Load: 0.1~3A 125VAC

Operating Temperature: -20~70°C

Circuit Form: SPDT/NO/NC

Insulation Resistance: ≥ 100MΩ

Contact Resistance: ≤ 100mΩ

Withstand Voltage: AC 1000V

KANGERLE KW10 and KW12 series micro switches have a complete range of wiring terminals and actuator arm types. Additionally, both can withstand various current ranges. Customers can consider choosing a suitable micro switch based on product design, considering aspects such as size, voltage resistance, and cost. KANGERLE also supports customization, providing switch design drawings by professional engineers and offering free samples. With thirty years of experience, KANGERLE Electronics aims to provide customers with professional micro switch solutions. For more details about switches, visit the official KANGERLE website.

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