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Motorcycles have become increasingly popular in recent years, and their sales have been steadily increasing.Motorcycles offer many advantages over other modes of transportation. They are often more affordable and require lessmaintenance than cars. Moreover, they are easier to maneuver in traffic, allowing passengers to experience fredom onthe open road. However, there have also been a number of recent motorcycle traffic incidents. Therefore. it is alsoimportant to pay more attention to safety issues in motorcycle riding, especially with regard to brakes.


Motorcycle Braking Principle
Most motorcycle brakes are disc brakes. The disc brake system works by installing a disc on the brake drum that rotatesin sync with the wheel and a caliper on the front fork and frame. Then clamping the disc through the brake block in thecaliper to achieve the purpose of braking. In simple terms, the brake lever is linked to the brake drum, and the brake padsare pressed against the brake wheel to slow down or stop the motorcycle.

How to use the front and rear brakes on a motorcycle

The importance of driving a motorcycle safely cannot be overstated, How should I use both front and rear brakes whenbraking my motorcycle? We all know that two-wheeled motorcycles are relatively unstable. so different braking methodsare needed in different scenarios.
When the ground is slippery, such as on rainy days, muddy roads, or icy days, the ground friction coefficient is low inthese scenarios and drivers are known to drive at low speeds. Therefore, it is best to take more braking with the reabrake alone. which can protect the safety of motorcycle braking on slippery roads.
In everyday driving. when anticipatory braking is usually called, only the front brake can be used. Anticipatory brakingmeans that the driver has sufficient time to prepare the brakes, as a simple example. For example, when the motorcycle isa hundred meters from the red light on the road ahead and can see the number of seconds to reach the light at the currentspeed, the light will not yet turn green. The driver is fully prepared for braking at this point and can use the front brakealone. It is taboo for drivers to treat a particular type of braking as permanent. When there is an emergency, always usethe front and rear brakes together. Depending on the order, it is best to apply them successively before
In general. be sure to check the motorcycle brake switch regularly. One of them is a very small micro switch here. whichis also very prone to failure, and it should also be checked for proper performance.

KANGERLE micro switch in motorcycle brake switch application


The KANGERLE micro switch is usually installed in the motorcycle brake handle assembly. When the brake handle isstationary, the switch is in a disconnected state. When the driver squeezes the brake handle, the micro switch isconnected to the on-off state. At this point, the brake signal is fed back to the controller and acts as a brake disconnect.Motorcycles are often ridden outdoors, inevitably encountering rain and snow, or in a wet and watery environment whenwashing the body. Therefore. the micro switch must be selected to have a waterproof and dustproof function to avoidwater droplets or dust entering the inside of the switch, resulting in the switch contacts failing to work properly

China micro switch manufacturers


KW1 waterproof micro switch produced by KANGERLE micro switch manufacturer is a reliable electronic component
in motorcycles. It is small, compact, and has a long electrical life, which allows the control of the corresponding functionto be done in the smallest space. What’s more, this waterproof micro switch can reach an IP67 level of waterproof anddustproof protection after wiring, which can resist many kinds of harsh outdoor environments. Our products are nowwidely used in household appliances, auto parts, medical equipment, electronic products, communication equipment, andother fields, and are trusted and supported by our customers. KANGERLE welcomes customers from home and abroadto visit our factory, for more details about our micro switches. please visit our official website!

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