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The application of micro switch in shared bikes

Introduction: What is a Shared Bike and What are its Benefits?

Shared bikes, also known as bike share or bike rental, are becoming increasingly popular in cities around the world. These bikes offer an affordable and convenient way to get around urban areas. They provide a sustainable alternative to public transport, cars, and other forms of transportation.The application of micro switch in shared bikes插图

Shared bikes are ideal for short trips within cities and offer a range of benefits. From being cost-effective and reducing traffic congestion to being eco-friendly and providing a healthy form of exercise, shared bikes are revolutionizing urban mobility.

Smart Solutions Enabled by Shared Bikes

Shared bike programs have become increasingly popular in cities around the world as an efficient and affordable way to get around. To make the experience even smoother, smart solutions enabled by shared bikes are now being developed to make it easier for users to pay for and track their rides.

With digital payments, users can quickly and easily pay for their bike share trips with a few taps on their phone or other payment devices. This makes it easier than ever to get from point A to point B without worrying about carrying cash or coins on your journey.

In addition, tracking technology is being used by bike share programs to improve user safety and security. With this technology, riders can be tracked in real time so that they can be located if anything goes wrong during their ride. Smart features such as these are making shared bike programs even more convenient and reliable for riders everywhere.

At the same time, the smart locking and unlocking function of shared bicycles not only becomes a billing point but also largely solves the problem of safe outdoor parking of bicycles.

Let’s see how the shared bike lock is achieved.

Shared bike lock, including the base and the top cover. The interior mainly includes a ring lock, electromagnet, blue-tooth and micro switch, etc; The outer wall of the upper cover is equipped with an electronic QR code display screen and a solar panel.

One of the most important electronic components to complete the locking and unlocking of the bicycle is the micro switch, which serves as a signal to detect whether the lock has been opened.

When the user takes the shared bike, he or she sends an unlock command by scanning the QR code on the lock. The background control system will send an unlock signal to the lock, and the lock will be opened after the micro switch detects the signal. Meanwhile, the backstage will start billing for the bike. When the bicycle reaches its destination, the user clicks the return button on the mobile device and the back-end control system sends a locking signal to the lock. The micro switch is triggered, the bicycle lock locks and billing for the bike stops. Finally, the App will settle the related fees. Just pay the fee before the next use.The application of micro switch in shared bikes插图1

The KANGERLE bicycle lock micro switch has been used in mass production and has gained the trust and support of our customers.

WS1 series,KW2 series,and KW4 series  waterproof micro switches from KANGERLE are widely used in shared bikes. Our waterproof micro switch’s features are as follows.

1、Mini size and compact structure

Installed in the shared bike lock, not occupying too much space.

2、Micro contact gap and tiny operating travel, fast action

Can turn on and off the circuit with high sensitivity, effectively realizing the locking and unlocking function of a shared bicycle.

3、Strong sealing, IP67 grade waterproof and dust-proof

Let the shared bicycle be unaffected by environmental factors when parked outdoors to guarantee normal use of riding.

4、Equipped with a variety of terminals and levers

Let the customer choose the right one to share the bike lock micro switch, and support customization service.

The application of micro switch in shared bikes插图2

KANGERLE, as a micro switch manufacturer with 30 years of R&D experience, aims to provide customers with professional one-stop micro switch solutions. For more details about the micro switch, please visit the official website.

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