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With the rapid changes in technology, the design and manufacturing of toys are also constantly developing and

innovating. The traditional toy water gun no longer meets the entertainment needs of moden people. They began to

pursue more advanced electric water guns. This type of toy can not only automatically spray water, but also achieve

long-distance shooting. In this change, waterproof tact switches and waterproof micro switches are particularly important

in the application of toy electric water guns. They can improve the convenience of operation of electric water guns,

and can also protect electronic components from water damage.

KANGERLE IP67 waterproof switch application in toy electric water gun

Our waterproof micro switch WS1 series and waterproof tact switch 6X6 series and 12X12 series can be used in the toy

electric water gun. Their main function is to control the opening and closing of the power supply, with sensitive operation

and quick response. When the player presses the button of the electric water gun, the switch will be triggered to turn thepower on. Then the

electric water gun starts to work. On the contrary, when the player releases the button, the switch wilreset its original position. The power will

be disconnected and the water gun cannot shoot. The WS1 waterproof micro

switch and waterproof tact switch have strong sealing performance. Even in a humid environment, there is no need to

worry about moisture entering the inside of the switch, ensuring circuit safety.


In addition to its basic circuit control, the waterproof microswitches can also provide more additional functions. For

example, some electric water guns will incorporate overload protection combined with waterproof microswitches. When

the current exceeds the set value. the switch will automatically disconnect the power supply to protect the electric water

gun from being burnt out by overload. This design can greatly increase the service life of the electric water gun and

improve the physical examination of players.
What are the advantages of KANGERLE waterproof micro switches and waterproof tact switches?

Waterproof micro switch


1. Sealing structure

Waterproof micro switches should have a special sealing structure. The KANGERLE waterproof micro switch adoptsrubber sealing rings and epoxy resin filling to achieve a waterproof effect. The switch can achieve IP67 waterproof anddustproof level protection after wiring.This can effectively prevent moisture and dust from entering the interior of theswitch, ensuring the safe and normal use of the electric water gun in a wet or water-contact environment.
2.Contact materials

The contact points of waterproof micro switches should be made of high-quality metal materials. If the contact not good, it is easy to get oxidized and corrode. This will also lead to the electric water gun does not produce water orshoot water intermittently, reducing the player’s experience. KANGERLE waterproof micro switches choose silver alloas their contact, which usually has high corrosion resistance and good conductivity. Meanwhile, long electrical life coulobe available.
3. Conductive material

The conductive components inside the switch are usually protected with anti-corrosion materials to avoid erosion bymoisture. and other pollutants. The material of the KANGERLE waterproof micro switch has ROHS certification. whichcan guarantee green environmental protection and high-quality quality of the material
4.Reed force

The reeds in the waterproof micro switch provide good rebound force to ensure reliable circuit connection ordisconnection when the switch is pressed or released. The KANGERLE waterproof micro switch uses high-quality reedsto give the user a good “feel when pressing and releasing the button.

Waterproof Tact Switch


1. Sealing design:

Waterproof tact switches generally require strong sealing to effectively prevent moisture and other liquids from enteringthe interior of the switch. The shell and button parts of the KANGERLE waterproof tact switch have undergone specialsealing treatment,We use high-temperature resistant slicone waterproof pads and waterproof materials for waterprootencapsulation.
2. Pin and contact materials

The pins and contact materials of waterproof tact switches determine their reliability and durability. KANGERLEwaterproof tact switch selects silver plating, silver coating, and other methods to process pins and contacts. Moreover.we adopt anti-silver-migration echnology to ensure the operational stability of the switch. If there exists silver migration.the products will have direct conduction and poor insulation. In other words, if the waterproof tact switch in the toyelectric water gun experiences silver migration, it will cause the electric water gun to continuously spray water. In severecases, it may lead to electrical safety accidents

The reed is an important part of the waterproof tact switch. Its main function is to provide elastic force after the button 1spressed and released, enabling the button to return to its original position. The quality of the reed directly affects theperformance and service life of the switch. If the reed is of poor quality, the switch may respond slowly or not, and theswitch life may be shortened.

Waterproof microswitch manufacturer for toy electric water gun


KANGERLE switch manufacturer was founded in 1993. The factory is located in Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province,

and now covers an area of about 20000 square meters. The factory has passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality
management system certifications. And the switch has obtained UL, TUV, CE, CB, COC, RoHS, and other product

certifications. With 30 years of experience in switch production and research, our company is not only a reliable choice

for many toy manufacturers but also a supplier to manufacturers in industries such as household appliances. automotive

parts, medical devices, communication equipment, electronic products, digital audio. KANGERLE switch manufacturer

has more than 10 fully automated production lines, 200+ molds, excellent testing equipment, and also has professional

engineering and technical personnel and high-quality employees. These have made the company’s product quality stable

and reliable for a long time, with a monthly production total of over 50 million. Our factory is also equipped with

laboratories that meet UL standards, providing customers with professional switch testing data. KANGERLE supports

customized services, aiming to provide customers with professional switch solutions. For more details on electronic
switches. please visit our official website:

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