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Miniature micro switch applied in ETC system

Today, the management of transportation infrastructure such as highways, bridges, and tunnels is becoming increasingly convenient and intelligent. Among them, the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system is being widely used in the field of transportation, providing higher efficiency and convenience for vehicle passage. In the automotive ETC system, Miniature micro switches play a crucial role as a key component to ensure the safe and reliable operation of ETC devices. This article will delve into the role, principles, and importance of KANGERLE ETC miniature micro switches in modern traffic management.

What is an ETC?

To better understand the role of miniature micro switches in ETC, let’s first briefly review the basic principles and operation of the ETC system.

What is an ETC

The ETC system is an electronic toll collection system used to automatically collect tolls, replacing traditional manual toll collection methods. The ETC system uses modern communication technologies such as Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) or Bluetooth to communicate and interact with vehicles. Vehicle owners install a special ETC card or device on their vehicles, containing information related to the owner’s account. When a vehicle passes through an area covered by the ETC device, the ETC system automatically reads the ETC card information on the vehicle. Then the ETC system will identify the vehicle, deduct the appropriate toll from the owner’s account, and record passage data. This automated process significantly enhances the convenience of traffic passage, reduces traffic congestion, and improves the efficiency of traffic management.

What is the function of this miniature micro switch in ETC?

Since different vehicle types have different toll rates for high-speed passage, ETC devices are specific to each vehicle and are individually assigned. When an ETC device is removed, it becomes immediately ineffective. The presence of a miniature micro switch prevents unauthorized individuals from attempting to steal or intentionally damage the ETC, thereby protecting the integrity and reliability of the device. Therefore, in a sense this miniature micro switch can be also called an anti-tamper switch. Additionally, miniature micro switches help prevent potential malicious interference with ETC devices, ensuring the system can reliably perform its functions. They ensure that each vehicle is correctly identified, each transaction is secure, and only authorized vehicles can use ETC services, reducing fraud and improper use. Once an ETC device is illegally removed, the switch triggers an alert or disables the device from further operation.

Kangerle miniature micro switch application in ETC system

The miniature micro switch is a crucial component and it is installed on the circuit board of an ETC device. A miniature micro switch primarily consists of an actuator, contacts, a movable blade, terminals, and a housing, typically designed with specified actuation force and travel to complete the switch’s operation. The miniature micro switch has a small contact gap and quick actuation, which can realize the on-off situation of the circuit quickly. KANGERLE miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A is currently widely used on ETC circuit boards, playing the role of preventing illegal dismantling from the car.

miniature micro swicth uses in car ETC

Once the ETC device is installed on the vehicle’s windshield, it is usually attached directly. After installation, the actuator of the micro switch KW10-1A-2A is continuously pressed, keeping the switch in a closed state. The moment an unauthorized individual attempts to remove or steal the ETC device, the micro switch quickly detects this action. At the moment the ETC is removed, the actuator of the switch returns to its original position, breaking the continuity of the ETC. As a result, the ETC becomes immediately ineffective. It is evident that the miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A in ETC has a strong monitoring effect on illegal theft and malicious destruction, maintaining the security of the vehicle’s ETC system.

Features of KANGERLE miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A in ETC

KANGERLE miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A is being produced in large quantities and applied in vehicle ETC devices, earning the trust of customers. Here are some of the advantages of this switch:

miniature micro switch

1.Compact Size

KANGERLE miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A is small in size(12.8*5.8*6.5mm) and lightweight, with a compact structure. It takes up very little internal space, making it suitable for installation on small ETC circuit boards.

2. Fast feedback

KANGERLE miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A has a small contact gap, quick action, and high sensitivity. When external force is applied to the actuator or removed, the switch immediately connects or disconnects the circuit, quickly sending electronic signals to the ETC control panel to determine the status of the ETC device. When someone maliciously removes the ETC device, it becomes ineffective immediately.

3. Long Electrical Life

KANGERLE miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A uses high-quality materials for the housing and internal contacts, ensuring the long mechanical and electrical life of the switch. This prevents frequent malfunctions of ETC, improving the stability and reliability of ETC devices.

4. Support customization

KANGERLE miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A belongs to the KW10 series, which offers various types of terminals and levers. ETC manufacturers can customize the right miniature micro switch from KANGERLE based on the product’s structure and requirements. Our engineers will provide the best ETC micro switch solution according to your specific needs.


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