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Tires are crucial to the safety and performance of a car, providing the traction, stability, braking force, and operating capabilities necessary for safe driving. In other words, it is equivalent to the “feet” or “shoes” of the car. If a tire leaks or has insufficient tire pressure, there are still certain hazards when driving. Especially for some off-road enthusiasts, whether driving into the desert or into rocky terrain, deflation is a necessary choice. However, returning to the highway requires re-inflating your car. Therefore, it is conceivable how important the portable air pump for automobiles is at this time.

Operating principle of portable air pump:

The air tube is located on the top of the inflation pump. Pull out the inflation nozzle and turn it on. Otherwise, insert the inflation nozzle and turn it off. This process uses a micro switch to control the operation of the motor. During air extraction, the valve of the connector is opened by the atmospheric pressure, and the gas enters the air pipe. When air is pumped into the tire, the valve is closed by the air pressure in the air pipe, and the gas enters the tire or application product.

The function of a micro switch in the air pump:

There is a inside the inflation pump, whose main function is to detect the position of the trachea. The inflation pump uses a suction tube as a power control micro switch to turn on or off the power supply. When the output end of the flushing tube is pulled out, the micro switch is closed, and the power supply is turned on. When the micro switch is turned off, the power supply is turned off. The KW12 series micro switch manufactured by KANGERLE manufacturer is used for the inflation pump, and its characteristics are as follows:


1. Miniature size, compact structure, not occupying too much space in the internal structure of the application product

2. Low-rated load, no excessive power consumption

3. With small contact clearance, the on-off circuit is fast and sensitive

4. Complete types of wiring terminals and forms of boom

5. Long electrical life and durability

6. Global safety certification guarantee, stable and reliable quality

KANGERLE factory is a professional micro switch manufacturer in China, located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The micro switches developed and manufactured by the company are widely used in many fields, such as household appliances, medical devices, automotive electronics, communication equipment, instrumentation, and so on. KANGERLE micro switch manufacturers are committed to reliable quality, preferential prices, short supply cycles, and high-quality services. We welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit our factory in Wenzhou! For more details on micro switches and waterproof micro switches, please visit the official website of  KANGERLE

Benefits of an inflatable pump:

Portable inflatable pumps have become a necessity for many users due to their small size, lightweight, affordable price, and ease of use. They can not only be used for cars and electric vehicles, but also be used to inflate various ball toys, airbags, camping equipment, swimming pool toys, and so on. With the development of the times, today’s mini inflation pumps are also equipped with digital displays, tire pressure sensing functions, and various inflation modes. By changing the inflation mode, even novices without a clear concept of air pressure can quickly inflate, easily meeting our diverse needs for inflation modes.

It can be seen that for those who need to quickly and conveniently inflate objects, portable air pumps are a good tool. With their small and portable characteristics, they will definitely come in handy in more and more families!


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