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Micro switches are small electronic switches used in various applications, which can be used to control the on-off of circuits. Currently, there are many different types of micro switches on the market, each with its unique characteristics and advantages. In this article, we mainly introduce the types and applications of micro switches, so that you can use them as a reference when selecting micro switches for your project.

Micro switch Structure and Operating Principle


Micro switches, just as its name implies, are electronic switches that are small in size and operate with very little force. Its main structures include contacts, terminals, levers, support, switching pieces, buttons, formal arms, and so on. Micro switches are also known as sensitive switches because of their small contact spacing, short actuation travel, low pressing power, and rapid switching on and off. Micro switch’s working principle is as follows. An external mechanical operating force acts on the action reed through the transmission elements like plungers, buttons, levers, rollers, etc. And when the action reed moves to a critical point, a momentary action will occur, which causes the moving contact at the end of the action reed to quickly connect or disconnect from the fixed contact. However, the operating speed of the micro switch moving contact is independent of the operating speed of the transmission element.

Types of micro switches

There are hundreds of types and styles of micro switches, which can be classified according to the following aspects.

1. Size

Micro switches are classified in terms of volume, including basic, small, and sub-miniature types. Micro switches have been successfully applied in many fields such as household appliances, the automotive industry, electronic equipment, communication equipment, medical devices, and so on due to their advantages of small size and not occupying too much internal space.

2. Protective performance

Micro switches are classified in terms of protection performance, including waterproof, dust-proof, and explosion-proof types. Because the application environment of micro switches is variable, and they are often used in harsh environments such as high humidity, dust, and high temperature, it is necessary to ensure that the electrical performance of micro switches is not affected, and its protection is very necessary.

3. Breaking form

Micro switches are classified in terms of breaking forms, including single connection type, double connection type, and multiple connection types. In many applications, micro switches are no longer just used to control a single circuit, but can be selected according to the number of desired control circuits.

4. Breaking capacity

Micro switches are classified in terms of breaking capacity, including ordinary type, DC type, micro current type, and large current type. In different application fields, the required current size is also different. Some micro switches are only used for signals and require a small current; Some micro switches require a high current to be used in high-power electronic devices. Therefore, when selecting micro switches for your product, you must first determine the actual current used.

5. Operating environment

Micro switches are classified in terms of the operating environment, including common type, heat-resisting temperature type (250 ℃), and ultra-high temperature resistant ceramic (400 ℃) types.

Models of KANGERLE micro switches



The existing micro switch models of KANMGERLE switch manufacturer include:

Sub-miniature micro switch: KFC-W series, KFC-V series

Common micro switches: KW3 series , KW12 series

Small micro switch: KW10 series

Waterproof micro switch: KW1 series, KW2 series, KW4 series, WS1 series, WS2 series

Micro switches applications

Micro switches, although small in size, are widely used. From the household appliances around us, such as rice cookers air fryers , water kettles, dishwashers, electric fans, and heaters, to the automotive industry, such as  car door lock switches, engine locks, trunk, reading lights, shifters, charging ports, and  charging guns . These places are inseparable from the role of micro switches. It can also be used in various products, such as power packs, shared bicycles, express cabinet locks, vending machines, ETC, brake switches, security systems, industrial equipment, medical devices, communication equipment, and so on.

In general, micro switches are not unfamiliar to us. They can be seen everywhere, bringing us a lot of conveniences and improving our life experience. If you are interested in micro switches, please visit the official website of KANGERLE to learn more details!

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