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How does micro switch work in coffee machine?

Coffee possesses a distinctive flavor profile and boasts significant nutritional content. Moreover, coffee offers a revitalizing effect, making it immensely popular among the younger demographic. The recent surge in the coffee market’s growth has led to a heightened maturity in the coffee machine market. Consequently, an increasing number of workplaces are now furnished with coffee machines, allowing commuters to brew a cup of robust, invigorating coffee during their leisure moments, effectively combating fatigue at work.

Understanding the Mechanism of Coffee Makers

The comprehensive functionality of a coffee maker primarily consists of a grinding system, a water tank supply system, a boiler heating system, and an extraction system. Initially, the user activates the power switch of the coffee machine. Subsequently, it’s essential to ensure the presence of coffee beans in the coffee bean container and that the water level in the tank exceeds the minimum requirement. If not, timely replenishment is necessary. Pushing the coffee handle into the grinder triggers the bean grinding contact micro switch within the coffee machine. This action sets the grinding mechanism in motion, allowing the coffee grounds to fill the handle slot. Upon removing the handle, disconnection from the bean contact micro switch halts the grinding process. Aligning the coffee handle with the machine head and rotating it to the designated position, the user then presses the coffee liquid extraction button switch. This action initiates the water tank supply system and steam boiler. The boiler generates vapor, channeling it through pipes and a shower onto the coffee grounds, thereby extracting the rich coffee liquid through steam and hot water.

KANGERLE Micro Switches in Coffee Machines

coffee machine micro switch

The KANGERLE KW12 micro switch also called the bean grinding contact switch, is integral to the coffee machine. Its function involves controlling the on/off status of the micro switch as the coffee handle is pushed in or out of the powder holder. Therefore, this micro switch is known as micro on off micro switch, which can manage the coffee beans’ grinding process. Additionally, the KW3 micro switch is employed to detect whether the coffee handle is correctly rotating in contact with the coffee machine head. In cases where the contact is inadequate, the micro switch turns off, preventing the extraction of coffee liquid. 

KANGERLE: A Trusted Manufacturer of Micro Switches

micro switch manufacturer

KANGERLE is a proficient manufacturer specializing in micro switches and waterproof micro switches, boasting over 30 years of expertise in production and research. The KW3 and KW12 micro switches employed in coffee machines offer precise travel, sensitive operation and swift response times. These switches have garnered widespread acclaim, having been adopted and praised by numerous customers. Moreover, they are compact, lightweight, possess prolonged electrical lifespans, exhibit high repeatability, and assure durability. Accompanied by a diverse range of operating forces, current and voltage specifications, operating handles, terminals, etc., customers can select a suitable micro switch tailored to their product requirements. Our products are backed by quality assurance and worry-free after-sales service. All items have acquired international safety certifications such as UL, CE, CQC, and TUV while adhering to environmental protection protocols like RoHS. Please Visit KANGERLE’s official website for comprehensive information on micro switches.

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