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What is a miniature micro switch for electric scooters charging cabinet?

In recent years, electric scooters, as a promising green transportation tool, are poised for rapid expansion and have a very broad market outlook. However, fire accidents involving electric scooters occur frequently and show an increasing trend year by year in China. Electrical faults are the primary cause. Most electric scooters are parked and charged indoors, with some even parked in public areas such as corridors and staircases. Due to the inflammable materials constituting the vehicle body, once a fire occurs, it spreads quickly. This will release a large amount of toxic smoke, making it difficult for people to escape and resulting in casualties.

To address safety hazards associated with indoor charging of electric scooters, outdoor electric scooter charging cabinets have been introduced in the market. These cabinets aim to ensure the safe charging of electric scooter batteries, effectively reducing safety risks. Among the components in these charging cabinets, the design and functionality of battery locks are crucial for ensuring the safety of the charging equipment and stable battery charging. The application of ultra-miniature micro switches provides a convenient and reliable solution for implementing these battery locks.

Characteristics of Ultra-Miniature Micro Switches:

Miniature Size: These switches are extremely small, compact in structure, and suitable for installation in limited spaces.

Precise Triggering: With minimal contact gaps and micro action travel, they precisely operate trigger points. It ensures a sensitive response to quickly start or stop devices when needed.

High Reliability: They typically offer high durability and reliability, long electrical life, enduring long-term and high-frequency usage without damage.

Wide Applications: Applicable to various electronic devices and mechanical systems. These ultra-miniature micro switches are commonly used in automation systems, electronic products, household appliances, automotive components, and industrial equipment.

Multiple Action Types: They provide different types of actions, such as single-pole, single-throw normally open (SPST-NO), single-pole, single-throw normally closed (SPST-NC), single-pole, double-throw (SPDT), etc., to meet diverse application needs.

Ultra-miniature micro switches are switches characterized by their small size, fast response, and long lifespan, offering precise triggering and stable performance. These features make ultra-miniature micro switches widely applicable across various fields. Today, let’s explore how these ultra-miniature micro switches function in the battery locks of electric vehicle charging cabinets.

Application of KANGERLE Ultra-Miniature Micro Switches in Electric Scooter Charging Cabinet Battery Locks:

Electric scooter charging cabinets mainly consist of cabinets, charging compartments, power supply modules, control hosts, touch screens, electromagnetic locks, and micro switches. KANGERLE ultra-miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A is a 3 pin lever micro switch that operates sensitively and provides rapid feedback. This switch is installed on the inner top surface of the charging compartment and connected to the electromagnetic lock and power supply module on the inner side of the compartment. Users select the cabinet number by scanning the QR code. After the control host receives the electronic signal from the QR code scanning module, it can control the electromagnetic lock circuit via a relay to disconnect. At this time, the micro switch is in an open state, and the cabinet door automatically opens. When users close the cabinet door, the lever of the ultra-miniature micro switch is pressed by the door, closing the circuit, thereby controlling the electromagnetic lock and power supply module circuit to power on, enabling automatic locking and charging, providing convenience for use. In simple terms, the KANGERLE ultra-miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A can control the circuit on/off of the electromagnetic lock and power supply module based on the open/closed status of the cabinet door, enabling automatic locking during charging.

Role of KANGERLE Ultra-Miniature Micro Switches in Battery Locks:

Enhanced Safety: As a crucial part of protecting battery charging devices, the battery lock’s safety directly affects the stability of the entire charging process. The micro switch KW10-1A-2A can be used for lock control, ensuring that the battery remains in a safe state throughout the charging process.

Precise Triggering: The micro switch, with precise triggering points, provides highly reliable operation in the battery lock. Whether in the opening or closing process of the lock, the micro switch KW10-1A-2A can precisely accomplish its designated tasks.

Durability and Stability: Electric scooter charging cabinets often undergo frequent usage, requiring the components to have high durability. With its reliable design and outstanding durability, the micro switch KW10-1A-2A maintains stable performance in such high-frequency usage environments.

Space-saving: The ultra-miniature size of the micro switch KW10-1A-2A allows for flexible installation in limited spaces, providing more space and freedom for battery lock design.

The application of the ultra-miniature micro switch KW10-1A-2A in battery locks of electric vehicle charging cabinets ensures important safety, stability, and reliability for battery charging equipment. Its precise triggering, durable characteristics and flexibility in limited spaces make it an ideal choice for the battery lock control system. Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research and development of micro switches, aiming to provide a one-stop micro switch solution for more customers. If you have interests in our products, please visit KANGERLE official website.

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