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The world of automobiles continues to undergo significant innovations to enhance the user experience and security of the vehicles. Among many new technologies, the application of minature electronic components in automotive manufacturing is becoming more and more extensive. especially waterproof micro switches. They have broad prospects in the application of car door locks due to their high efficiency, stability, and durability. The following content will introduce the application of the KANGERLE waterproof micro switch KW1-1B-5E and KW1-1C-5E in automotive doorlocks.

Before discussing this application, we need to first understand what a  waterproof IP67 micro switch is. A waterproof micro switch is an electronic component with waterproof properties thatcan function normally in wet and dusty environments. It will not cause short circuits ordamage other electronic devices. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating of a switch is an internationallyrecognized standard that classifies the degrees of protection against both solid objects and liquids.The IP67 rating indicates that the switch is dust-tight and can also withstand temporary immersionin water. We all know that the car door lock system is consistently exposed to various harshenvironments including dust, rain, snow, or other particulate contamination. We’d betterchoose IP67 waterproof micro switches for car door locks. If we use normal micro switches, theseharsh conditions could have resulted in the malfunctioning of door locks. Themost potential danger is that the failed micro switch may compromise the vehicle’s security oreven trap passengers inside. Therefore, waterproof micro switch IP67 is particularly crucial forapplications exposed to rigorous conditions, such as car door locks, trunk door locks, hood locks,and so on.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the specific application of waterproof micro switches in automotive door locks. The main function of car door locks is to provide an effective security mechanism to

protect vehicles from unauthorized access or theft.


Traditional mechanical door locks are easily affected by factors such as weather and frequency of use. This will make it difficult to ensure long-term stable performance. Modern vehicles have

become more complex and interconnected. The car door lock is not only a standalone device, but it also integrates with the alarm system, automatic window operation, and even remote access

systems. The durability and reliability of IP67 waterproof micro switches make them perfectly suited to serve these interconnected systems. It can also ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation.


The KANGERLE waterproof IP67 micro switch KW1-1B-5E and KW1-1C-5E are commonly used in car door locks. They can effectively sense and indicate the open or closed state of the door

lock as a sensor. When the door lock is closed, the micro switch is triggered, sending a signal to the central control system to inform it that the automotive door lock is closed. This feedback

mechanism not only provides effective monitoring of vehicle security but also facilitates the vehicle owner in understanding the real-time status of the vehicle.


Furthermore, the waterproof micro switch KW1 enables remote control. With the development of smart car technology, car owners can remotely control their vehicles through smartphones or car

keys, such as locking or unlocking car door locks. This operation is accomplished by the waterproof micro switch. When it receives a remote signal, the micro switch is activated, thereby controlling the opening and closing of the door lock.


Most importantly, the waterproof performance of KW1 allows it to operate reliably in various  external environments. Whether it is the hot summer or the rainy and snowy winter, the waterproof

micro switch can ensure the normal operation of automotive door locks, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the vehicle.


Automotive Waterproof  IP67  Micro Switches for Door Locks|Manufacturer

Currently,KANGERLE switch manufacturer not only applies the KW1 series waterproof micro switches to automotive door locks but also offers the KW2 series waterproof micro switches . They have tiny contact gaps and can quickly establish or break circuits. Moreover, our switches are sensitive, responsive, and have a long service life, making them ideal for use in automotive door locks.


As shown in the figure, these two switches have significant differences in appearance and size. Additionally, KW1 has two terminals and is available in either normally open or normally closed

configurations, while KW2 has three terminals and allows for switching between open and closed states. Meanwhile, KW2 is equipped with various lever arms, while KW1 only has a single button type. Although they have several differences, both of them can achieve IP67 waterproof and dust- proof ratings after soldering, and they offer various types of terminal connections and different sizes of positioning pins for customized selection. Customers can choose a suitable automotive waterproof micro switch based on different vehicle models.

In conclusion, the application of waterproof micro switches in automotive door locks demonstrates the convenience brought by technological advancements. It makes the operation of automotive door locks more intelligent and better adapted to the needs of modern life.


KANGERLE switch manufacturer has over 30 years of industry experience in the production and

development of electronic switches. We support OEM/ODM services and aim to provide

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