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Application of IP67 Micro Switch in Electrical Bikes

Application of IP67 Micro Switch in Electrical Bikes插图

With the continuous development of modern technology, electric bikes have become one of the essential means of transportation in people’s lives. And micro switches also play an important role in the production process of E-bikes. This article will introduce the application of micro switches in electric vehicles.

What is an IP67  micro switch?

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An IP67 micro switch is a commonly used electronic component with waterproof function, also known as “micro contact switches”, which is mainly used to control the switches of circuits. Its structure is very simple, consisting of contacts, terminals, springs, and a base. Micro switches are commonly used in electronic devices due to their small and lightweight size, flexible operation, and long lifespan.

KANGERLE IP67 Micro switches for E-bikes

As a means of transportation for outdoor travel, E-bikes often face changing external environments. Therefore, most of the micro switches on E-bikes have waterproof functions. The application of KANGERLE waterproof micro switch KW1 series in E-bikes mainly includes the following aspects:

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1. Brake switch: The brake switch of an E-bike usually uses a micro switch, which can detect whether the bike’s brake is effective. It can transmit the signal to the controller to realize the brake light on/off and the function of the motor.

2. Handle switch: The handle switch of electrical bicycles usually also uses a micro switch, which can detect the operating status of the handle, such as acceleration, deceleration, and braking. The micro switch can send an electronic signal to the controller to achieve the vehicle’s acceleration, deceleration, and braking functions.

3. Battery cover switch: The battery cover of electrical bikes is usually equipped with a micro switch, which can sense whether the battery cover is closed to prevent the battery from falling out or being damaged during driving.

4. Light switch: The light switch of E-bikes usually also uses a micro switch, which can detect the situation of the bike’s lights and transmit the signal to the controller to achieve the light control.

It can be seen that micro switches play a very important role in the production process of electrical bikes. The application of micro switches can achieve safe driving of bikes and normal operation of circuits.

KANGERLE waterproof IP67 micro switch KW1 features:

Application of IP67 Micro Switch in Electrical Bikes插图3

1. IP67 grade waterproof and dust-proof protection, resistant to various external environments

2. With a small contact gap and operating travel, it can quickly achieve circuit on-off

3. Compact structure and mini size, not occupying too much internal space

4. Equipped with various types of wiring terminals and levers

5. Multiple wire types and wire outlet methods available for selection

6. Global safety certification guarantee, safe and reliable quality

7. Short delivery time and good after-sales service

IP67 waterproof micro switch manufacturer

KANGERLE waterproof micro switch manufacturer has been focusing on the research and production of switches for 30 years, with rich experience. The factory is located in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, covering an area of approximately 20000 square meters. Our factory is equipped with laboratories that meet UL standards, as well as several automated production lines and multiple excellent inspection equipment. At present, our products mainly include micro switches, waterproof micro switches, detector switches, tact switches, rocker switches, push button switches, and slide switches. KANGERLE micro switch manufacturer supports OEM/ODM and has provided professional micro switch solutions to many customers. From product design and development to mold manufacturing, and from trial production to mass production, and from sales to after-sales, KANGERLE switch supplier has a comprehensive one-stop service system. Our products are now widely used in fields such as household appliances, outdoor equipment, the automotive industry, 3C digital, electric tools, medical devices, communication equipment, etc. For more details on micro switches, please visit the official website of KANGERLE:

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