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The application of micro switch on gas stove

I. Ignition device of gas cooker

gas stove

The ignition device of a gas cooker is the process of ignition and combustion by igniting the gas through an electric spark. The working principle of the ignition device is to produce a high-temperature electric spark through the electric current flowing through the electrode to ignite the gas and make it burn. The importance of the ignition device in a gas cooker is self-evident, as its presence allows the gas to be ignited easily and quickly, avoiding the hassle of using traditional ignition methods such as lighters or matches. At the same time, the ignition device can also ensure the safety of ignition, avoiding the danger arising from untimely or uneven ignition. Therefore, ignition devices play an important and indispensable role in gas cookers.

II. Introduction to microswitches

A micro switch is a commonly used electrical control element that operates using a spring plate and a contact to achieve a switching action. When an external force is applied, the spring plate is displaced, which closes or closes the contact, thus achieving the switching control of an electrical circuit.

Micro switches have many advantages, the most prominent of which are their small size, lightweight, simple structure, easy installation, long service life and high reliability. Due to their flexibility and reliability, micro switches are widely used in a variety of electronic equipment and mechanical equipment, such as electronic products, automobiles, home appliances and other fields. At the same time, micro switches are flexible and diversified in design, which can meet different needs and is a very practical electrical control element.

III. Application of micro switches in gas stove ignition devices

In gas stove ignition devices, micro switches are usually installed above or below the ignition button. The operating principle is that the user turns the gas cooker knob, the micro switch is triggered, and the knob opens and sends an electrical signal to the ignition device, thus activating the ignition device to carry out the ignition operation. The general knob in the case of not opening, the top of the protrusion will be pressed, and the micro switch in the 1 contact with the 2 contact connection, at this time is closed. When the knob is turned, the 1 contact and the 3 contact will contact under the pressure of the spring to produce an electric spark, thus completing the ignition work. The micro switch design makes the ignition operation more convenient and safer, users only need to gently press the button to complete the ignition operation, simple and easy to operate, without additional force or action.

IV. Maintenance and servicing of ignition devices for gas cooker

 The ignition device of the gas cooker is a commonly used equipment in the kitchen. To ensure its proper functioning and prolong its service life, regular maintenance and servicing is required.

  1. Cleaning: use a soft cloth or cotton swab to clean the dust and grease around the ignition device to ensure the sensitivity and stability of the ignition device.
  2. Avoid moisture: there are electronic components-micro switches inside the ignition device, so avoid contact with moisture to avoid damaging the circuit.
  3. Avoid collision: Avoid hitting the ignition device button with force to avoid damaging the internal circuit and electronic components.
  4. Inspection: Regularly check whether the connecting wires of the ignition device are loose or damaged, and repair or replace them in time.

gas stove micro switch

To sum up, the use of micro switches on gas stove greatly improves people’s convenience in cooking. The future development of gas stove ignition devices is bound to be more environmentally friendly, intelligent and multi-functional. In future development, the micro switch will play its greater advantage, to provide users with a more safe, convenient energy-saving and environmentally protected gas cooker experience. ZHEJIANG KANGERLE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is a micro switch manufacturer, and our company is currently producing two micro switches that can be used on the gas cooker, they are KW12-5A-3A and KW12-5A-5A. the contacts of these two micros witches are silver. The use of silver contacts can make the electrical life of the micro switch more than 50,000 times, thus extending the service life of the gas cooker. If you need, welcome to click our official website to learn more.

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