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What is a rechargeable hot water bag and how does a micro switch work in it?

Rechargeable hot water bags have become essential items for many people to stay warm during the cold season. However, in the manufacturing process of rechargeable hot water bags, the micro switch plays a crucial role. The micro switch is a small electronic component that opens or closes a circuit through tiny movements, providing crucial support for the safety and convenience of electric hot water bag chargers.


Working Principle of Rechargeable Hot Water Bag

Heating Element: The rechargeable hot water bag contains a heating element, typically a heating wire or heating body. This element generates heat when subjected to an electric current.

Power Source: The rechargeable hot water bag needs to be connected to a power source, usually through a plug inserted into a power outlet. Once plugged in, the electric current flows through the heating element.

Temperature Control Device: To prevent overheating or maintain the right temperature, some rechargeable hot water bags come with temperature control devices. These devices monitor the water temperature and control the operation of the heating element to maintain the set temperature range.

Water Container: Rechargeable hot water bags typically have a water container into which users need to pour water. The heating element heats the water inside the container, warming the entire water bag.

Insulating Material: To ensure user safety, the exterior of the electric hot water bag is usually covered with insulating material to reduce heat transfer to the outside and prevent the risk of electric shock.

In summary, the working principle of the electric hot water bag involves using electric energy to heat water, achieving an appropriate temperature that users can use for warmth or pain relief. Safety precautions should be taken, following the instructions provided in the user manual.


Safety Solutions and the Role of Micro Switch in Rechargeable Hot Water Bag:

Despite the effectiveness of rechargeable hot water bags in providing warmth, there are potential risks, with the most serious being the possibility of explosions. To address this, manufacturers have developed and implemented explosion-proof clamps for rechargeable hot water bag chargers, with the micro switch playing a crucial role.

The micro switch in the explosion-proof clamp typically includes a temperature-sensitive element, a control circuit board, and a highly sensitive micro switch. This safety design aims to prevent accidents caused by abnormal conditions, especially overheating and explosions. The specific roles of the micro switch are as follows:


  1. Power Switching: The micro switch can be designed to control the power connection of the explosion-proof clamp. When charging needs to start, the micro switch is triggered, closing the circuit, and the electric hot water bag enters the heating phase.


  1. Power Disconnection: When the temperature sensor or other safety devices detect that the temperature of the electric hot water bag reaches the set value, the micro switch in the explosion-proof clamp is triggered. This action disconnects the circuit, cutting off the power to the electric hot water bag, and stopping further heating.


  1. Safety Control: The most important function of the micro switch is to automatically cut off the power when the temperature of the electric hot water bag reaches or exceeds a critical point. This prevents overheating, addressessafety concerns,and serves as an explosion-proof measure.

In conclusion, the micro switch in the explosion-proof clamp plays a crucial role in monitoring and safely controlling the charging process of rechargeable hot water bags. This design helps prevent safety issues related to overheating, enhancing the safety and reliability of the product.


Types and Models of Micro Switches for electric hot water bag explosion-proof clamps:


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This is the KW3-6C-E micro switch from KANGERLE, also known as a large micro switch. It has dimensions of 27.8×10.2×15.9mm. It is a normally open micro switch, meaning that the circuit is connected when the button is pressed and disconnected when the button is released. The design of its normally open terminal is upward-bent, making it suitable for the compact design of the explosion-proof clamp in a rechargeable hot water bag. Additionally, this micro switch has a wide load range, capable of withstanding currents up to 21A at 250V AC. Its sensitivity and quick response allow precise control of the charging status of the electric hot water bag.




This is the KW12-5C-A micro switch from the KANGERLE KW12 series, also known as a medium micro switch. It is smaller than a KW3 micro switch, with dimensions of 19.8×6.4×10.6mm. This micro switch has only two terminals: common and normally open terminal. Like the KW3, it is also a normally open micro switch. It has a small contact gap and short action stroke, enabling quick circuit on-off in a short time. Due to its small size, lightweight, and strong load capacity, it has been successfully applied in the explosion-proof clamp of electric hot water bag chargers.

kangerle micro swicth for rechargeable hot water bag

These micro switches boast long electrical life, global safety certifications, and reliable quality. They come with various types of terminal connections, allowing users to choose a suitable micro switch for the design requirements of electric hot water bag chargers. If you are in the selection phase, feel free to contact the KANGERLE switch manufacturer, where professional personnel can assist you from switch diagram design to mold creation, sample testing to gradual mass production. KANGERLE Electronics aims to provide a one-stop micro switch solution for every customer.

In summary, micro switches play an indispensable role in electric hot water bag chargers. They not only ensure the safety of the charger but also enhance the user experience and contribute significantly to energy conservation. However, to ensure their reliability and durability, manufacturers need to invest effort in selecting and maintaining micro switches. The intelligent application of micro switches extends beyond electric hot water bag chargers and finds importance and widespread application in many other electronic devices, emphasizing their significance in modern technology.

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