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Smart toilets have become increasingly popular in recent years for the convenience and comfort they offer. They are designed to provide a more hygienic bathroom experience by automatically flushing, cleaning and even deodorizing the toilet after each use. Smart toilets also come with features such as heated seats, water jets, air dryers, and even music players to make the bathroom experience more enjoyable. With all these features, smart toilets have become so popular.WHAT IS A MICRO SWITCH USED IN SMART TOILET?插图

The advanced technology behind the smart toilet

Smart toilets are the latest revolution in bathroom technology, and the technology behind them is even more impressive.A smart toilet uses sensors and algorithms to detect when a user enters the bathroom and automatically flushes when people leave after using it. It also has an intuitive user interface that allows you to customize your experience using various settings such as water pressure and temperature. In addition, these toilets can even be programmed to self-clean using an automatic cleaning option triggered by motion sensors. So what is the role of micro switches in smart toilets?

Application of Micro Switch in Intelligent Toilet

A micro switch is a small but powerful electronic component that can be used to make a toilet smarter and create a more hygienic and comfortable environment for users.


The existing intelligent toilet is generally equipped with a seat-sensing device for seat detection on the seat ring. And a micro switch connected to the seat detection circuit is usually installed in the back shell of the seat body to detect whether someone is seated. When the front end of the toilet seat falls to the seat platform at the same time as someone is seated, the internal micro-switch conducts. At this point, the seat detection circuit picks up the signal from the micro switch and determines that someone is sitting down. Similarly, when the person leaves the seat, the micro switch is disconnected. The circuit detects a change in the signal of the micro switch and determines that the human body has left the seat. The toilet will activate the flushing system accordingly and complete the cleaning process.

The micro switch can also be used in the water inlet device of the toilet tank to control the water supply and refill the tank by opening or disconnecting through the lift of the buoyancy control mechanism. Moreover, the micro switch can also control other functions such as lighting, temperature, etc. In addition, it can be used for safety purposes, such as preventing excessive flush water flow or detecting gas leaks.

We all know smart toilets are stored in a relatively humid environment, so it is best to choose a micro switch that is sealed and waterproof. KANGERLE switch manufacturer’s KW2 waterproof micro switch is a good option.


KANGERLE KW2 waterproof micro switch features:

1. Mini size, compact structure, does not occupy too much space on the circuit board

2. Tiny contact gap, rapid and sensitive to open and close the circuit

3. Various types of terminals and movable arms, support custom processing

4. Multiple welding outlet methods to meet diverse needs

5. Strong sealing performance, reaching IP67 level of waterproof and dustproof protection after wiring

6. Global safety certification guarantee, long electrical life

KANGERLE micro switch manufacturer is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, with 30 years of experience in research and development and production, KANGERLE brand relies on rich production experience, reliable technology, products, and services to win the trust of customers and market affirmation. At present, our switches have been widely used in household appliances auto parts , medical devices, electronic equipment, imaging, security products, etc. KANGERLE aims to provide customers with professional micro switch solutions and looks forward to discussing business with customers from home and abroad at our factory! For more information about electronic switches, please visit our official website:

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