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What is a micro switch used in an air conditioner?

Micro switches, also known as micro limit switches, are used in air conditioners for various control and safety functions due to their precise and reliable switching capabilities. These air conditioner control switches are characterized by their small size, sensitivity to actuation force, and quick response time.

The working principle of micro switch

Micro switch for air conditioner is based on the mechanism of triggering the circuit on and off by tiny mechanical movements. When an external force is applied to the push button or the operating lever of the micro switch, the spring inside the switch causes a small displacement of the internal movable piece. The contacts on the movable piece will be connected, thus controlling the situation of the circuit. When the external force is removed, the spring resets the movable arm and associated parts, the contacts separate and the circuit is no longer energized. This mechanical nature of the operating principle allows the micro switch to work consistently and reliably in a variety of environments and is particularly suited to applications that require frequent switching, such as air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning micro switch function and model

We know there are many types of air conditioners. For example, wall-mounted air conditioners, floor-standing air conditioners, and central air conditioners. Therefore, the micro limit switch used in air conditioner has models including the KW3, KW10, and KW12 series, and the waterproof micro switch WS1, WS2, and KW2 series. The rated load for these switches is AC 125/250V. As for the rated current, you can choose a suitable volume according to your air conditioner. These switches play a vital role in the air conditioning system for safety protection and control of air conditioning operation. The following are some functions of AC limit switches for air conditioners.

AC air conditioner control switch

The function of Safety protection

1. Prevent overheating

Micro switches in air conditioning systems can be used to monitor the temperature of the air conditioner. If the internal temperature of the system rises abnormally, it may cause the equipment to overheat and even lead to the risk of fire. The micro switch can be used to detect high-temperature conditions and immediately cut off the power supply to prevent this danger from occurring.

2. Preventing excessive cooling

In cooling mode, micro switches can also be used to monitor the temperature of the air conditioning system. Once the room temperature drops to the desired set temperature, the micro switch can trigger the system to stop cooling, preventing the room temperature from becoming too low, thus saving energy and improving user comfort.

The function of air-conditioning operation status controlling

1. Temperature control

The microswitch in the air conditioning system can be used to measure and monitor the temperature. When the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the microswitch can trigger the system to enter cooling or heating mode to maintain the set temperature range.

2. Airspeed control

Microswitches can also be used to control the air speed of an air conditioning system. Users can adjust the air speed through the control panel or remote control, and the microswitch is responsible for connecting the appropriate circuit to the proper fan speed.

3. Humidity Control

In some advanced air conditioning systems, microswitches can also be used to measure and control humidity levels. When the humidity reaches a set value, the microswitch can trigger the system to activate the dehumidification function to improve indoor comfort.

The use of micro switches in conjunction with other electronic components not only improves the performance and functionality of the air conditioning system, but also increases user convenience and comfort.

The advantages of KANGERLE micro switches in air conditioning systems

1. Precise control

With its sensitive operation and quick feedback, KANGERLEmicro switches can accurately control the conduction of the circuit board of the air conditioning system and transmit the correct signals. This precision ensures that the air conditioning system can be quickly and accurately adjusted to meet the user’s needs.

2. Durability

KANGERLEmicroswitches use high-quality raw materials and sophisticated production equipment and testing equipment to ensure the reliability of the switch. Air conditioner is a frequently used household appliance, especially in hot summer and cold winter. Air conditioning micro switch electrical life requirements times are very high. KANGERLE micro switch has a global safety certification guarantee, and the switch’s life is durable.

3. Safety

KANGERLEmicroswitch shell is made of flame retardant material, which can work stably in the environment from minus 40 degrees to 125 degrees. When the temperature rises abnormally, the micro switch can cut off the power supply to prevent the equipment from overheating or causing fire and other dangers.

4. High sealing performance

KANGELE waterproof microswitch can reach IP67 grade waterproof and dust-proof after welding the wire, with strong sealing, which can effectively resist the dust and moisture in the airentering the inside of the switch. This guarantees the stability of the switch in the air conditioning system.

Air conditioning switch manufacturers

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