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With the continuous development of science and technology, the electrical appliance in the family kitchen is becoming more and more diversified and intelligent. In our daily life, meat grinder plays a vital role in food processing. As a small part of the electrical equipment, the micro switch is also important in the meat grinder. We will introduce the application of KANGERLE micro switch in meat grinder, as well as the working principle and advantages of it in this paper.

What is the meat grinder micro switch?

Micro switch, is also known as micro limit switch. It is a kind of electronic components to complete the switching action with the prescribed strength and prescribed travel. Micro switch is commonly used in electronic equipment and mechanical devices. With a small contact gap and operating travel, micro switch can quickly realize the opening and closing of the circuit. In a meat grinder, the micro switch acts as an important trigger, used to monitor and control the start and stop of the meat grinder.


Micro switch for meat grinder and its working principle

The micro switch used in meat grinder usually needs to have certain characteristics, such as sensitive trigger, reliable stability and durable performance. The operating principle of a micro switch is based on the connection and disconnection of mechanical contacts. When a specific part of the meat grinder reaches or exceeds a certain position, the micro switch is subjected to a mechanical force, which changes the position of the internal contacts, turning the circuit on or off. This can be used to control meat grinder start/stop, safety lockout, and other functions. The micro switch KW12-5C-A is usually used in meat grinder, the rated load of this switch is AC125/250V 5A, which can satisfy the power of most of the meat grinder on the market. KANGERLE micro switch KW12-5C-A is made of high quality raw materials, and the working ambient temperature range is from -40 to 125℃. It operates sensitively with quick feedback and can control the start and stop of the meat grinder very accurately. At the same time, the electrical life of the micro switch KW12-5C-A can reach 50,000 times. It also has UL, CQC, CB and other product certifications, which guarantee the durability and reliability of the meat grinder.



KANGERLE micro switch advantages


As a manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the production and development of micro switches, KANGERLE’s switches have been widely used in meat grinders, air fryers, rice cookers, air purifiers, heaters and other household appliances, KANGERLE micro switches have the following advantages:


  1. High quality and reliability

KANGERLE micro switches are made of high quality materials and advanced manufacturing process, which ensures its high quality and reliability. In special environments such as meat grinders, where micro switches are subjected to frequent triggering and pressure, KANGERLE products are able to work stably and are not easy to be damaged by long-time use.


  1. Precise triggering

The micro switch in meat grinder needs to be triggered at a specific position to realize precise control, KANGERLE micro switch has good triggering performance and can accurately turn on or off the circuit under small movement to ensure the precise operation of the meat grinder.


  1. Variety of options

KANGERLE offers a wide range of models and sizes of micro switches to meet the needs of different meat grinder equipment. Currently, KANGERLE micro switch KW12 series is equipped with different types of forms of moving arms and terminals, a variety of operating force and current load range are available. Whether large commercial meat grinders or small domestic meat grinders, you will find the right micro switch for your needs at KANGERLE.


The use of micro switches for meat grinders in modern kitchens should not be overlooked, as they play an important role in ensuring the safe and precise operation of meat grinders. KANGERLE, as a specialized manufacturer in the field of micro switches, supports the reliability and safety of electrical equipment such as meat grinders with its high-quality products and extensive experience. Whether in the home kitchen or commercial food processing, micro switches play an important role in improving equipment performance and user experience.


KANGERLE micro switch manufacturer

Founded in 1993, Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. has rich experience in switch research and development. The company has passed ISO:9001 and IATF:16949 quality management system certification, and the switches have also obtained CE, CB, CQC, UL, TUV, RoHS and other product certifications. As a professional switch manufacturer, KANGERLE now produces and sells micro switches, detection switches, light touch switches, push button switches, boat switches and so on. We are committed to providing high quality switches, and our products have been widely used in home appliances, industrial equipment, automotive parts, medical devices, security equipment and other fields. Excellent staff, advanced technology, excellent equipment and strict management are the fundamental reasons for the company’s continuous development and strength, and the products can win the trust of customers.KANGERLE switches are not only trusted in the domestic market, but also exported to overseas, and established a good brand reputation. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company for investigation, visit and technical exchange! For more details about KANGERLE switches, please visit KANGERLE official website.

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