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Ice cubes are an important part of any summer beverage. They help keep drinks cold, add flavor and texture. and caneven be used for decorations. This has also led more and more people to be enthusiastic about making coldbeverages. Therefore, an essential electrical appliance is the ice maker. The arrival of hot weather has brought them intomany offices and homes.MICRO SWITCH APPLICATION IN ICE MAKER插图

The ice-making process of an ice maker

Ice machines can be divided into commercial ice machines, household ice machines, and industrial ice machines. In ourdaily life. we often use household ice makers. It is mainly composed of a water storage tank, ice storage basket, innerliner, water pump, evaporator, motor, compressor, and micro switch
Add water to the tank and push the start button. The water is pumped to the distribution pipe through the pump, whichevenly flows the water to the evaporator cooled by a low-temperature liquid refrigerant, When the water is cooled to thefreezing point, it solidifies into ice. As long as the ice reaches the required thickness or shape, it will enter the state ofdeicing. At this time, the high-pressure hot gas discharged from the compressor is diverted to the evaporator through thereversing valve, which causes a water film to form between the ice and the evaporator. It can detach the ice from theevaporator. and the ice will fall freely to the ice storage basket below under the action of gravity. The water that is notfrozen by the evaporator flows back into the tank and starts a new cycle working again through the pump.

What is a micro switch for an ice maker and its function?

MICRO SWITCH APPLICATION IN ICE MAKER插图1The micro switch used in an ice maker is a small electronic switch with a micro contact gap and a tiny operationtravel that can quickly connect and disconnect a circuit. lts small size and light weight make it ideal for use inlimited circuit space. The two KANGERLE medium-sized micro switches KW12-5A-2A are the most commonlyused in ice machines, which are SPDT micro switches equipped with a straight movable lever andsolder terminals. Generally, soldering the wire to the normally open terminal and common terminal for ice makerapplication. This micro switch can detect when the pump in the ice machine needs to pump water, andthen conduct the corresponding motor to work, In addition, it can also be used to detect and determine thehoming status of the ice storage basket, By using ice maker micro switches, manufacturers can increaseefficiency and reduce downtime due to component failures.

Benefits of using ice maker on/off micro switch


1. Miniature size and compact structure, not occupying too much space in the inernal circuitry of the ice maker

2. Strong sealing performance to prevent dust from entering and causing contact failure

3.No excessive power consumption, saving electricity

4. Long electrical life, sensitive operation, improve the safety performance of ice machine

KANGERLE micro switch manufacturer from China



Zhejiang Kangerle Electroncs Co.. Ltd. is a manufacturer that integrates professional research and developmentproduction, and sales of micro switches. Since its establishment in 1993, the factory has mainly produced various typesof micro switches, waterproof micro switches, limit switches. detector switches. tact switches. slide switches. androcker switches. Most of our switches are essential electronic components for new energy vehicles, home appliances.power tools. the Internet of Things, medical devices, industrial automation, automobiles, and other industries.
KANGERLE micro switch manufacturer covers an area of about 20.000 square meters and has several automaticproduction lines and excellent testing equipment. Now we have a professional technical team and a laboratory that meetsUL standards to provide customers with professional micro switch solutions. With the continuous efforts of all staff. thecompany has established a one-stop service system covering product development, precision molding, injection moldingprecision stamping. automatic equpment development. assembly, testing, and mass production, KANGERIE switchmanufacturer supports OEM/ODM and aims to provide customers with quality products. For more details aboutelectronic switches. please visit our official website:

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