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As the pace of people’s lives accelerates, bread plays a bigger and bigger part in breakfast. Bread and milk have become one of the most popular breakfast pairings, however, unprocessed sliced bread is poor in both taste and color, the emergence of the toaster is a good way to enhance the happiness of breakfast.


Toaster is a common small kitchen appliance, mainly used to toast bread slices. It is simple and easy to operate, fast and time-saving, and improves the taste of sliced bread, making it successful in thousands of households.

Such a small mini appliance, after continuous upgrading and innovation, also has more and more functions. One of the important electronic components to achieve these functions is the micro switch , which can control and adjust the heating condition of the toaster.

What is a toaster micro switch?

A toaster micro switch is an electronic switch with a tiny contact gap and a snap-action mechanism, covered by a housing, and can be equipped with an external drive lever for fast action and highly sensitive on-off circuitry. It is an important part of the toaster and helps it to work properly.

How does a toaster micro switch work?

The toaster works by using infrared radiation to heat the slices of bread. When a slice of bread is placed in the bread slot and the working lever is toggled, the micro switch at the bottom is closed by pressure and the circuit is switched on. At this point, the coil inside the bread slot can be seen slowly turning red and this radiation slowly bakes the surface of the bread. When the set time arrives, the baked bread will automatically pop up. At this point, with the withdrawal of external force, the circuit is broken and the toaster stops working.


There are three types of KANGERLE micro switches that can be used in toasters: the waterproof micro switch KW1 and KW2 series , and the micro switch KW12 series. They are miniature in size and compact and do not take up too much space inside the toaster. The durable electrical life and sensitive operation guarantee that they turn the heating element on and off, as well as control the temperature of the toast. This helps to give you delicious bread toast! The KANGERLE micro switch manufacturer is also equipped with various forms of terminals and form-actuated arms for you to choose from to customize a suitable micro switch for your toaster. For more information about the micro switch, please visit  KANGERLE official website.

Precautions of a toaster:

1. When using for the first time, please do not put bread in the bread slot, and preheat for 2-3 minutes first for sterilization.

2. High temperature will be generated during the use of the product, please do not touch the bread slot, and be careful of burns.

3. Please regularly clean the crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster oven to avoid the accumulation of crumbs in the body.

4. When cleaning, use a damp cloth to wipe the machine shell, do not immerse the machine in water to clean.

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