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How does a microwave door switch work?

Microwave ovens, as indispensable appliances in the kitchen, have quickly become the top choice among households for their efficient, safe, time-saving, energy-efficient, and convenient features. However, the safety and practicality of microwave ovens are often closely related to their internal micro switches. This article will delve into the key application of micro switches in microwave ovens and their irreplaceable role in ensuring user safety and preventing microwave leakage.


Working Principle of Microwave Ovens

The working principle of microwave ovens involves three main components: magnetron, wave-guide, and cavity. The magnetron generates microwave energy, the wave-guide transmits the microwaves to the food, and the cavity accommodates food while preventing microwave leakage. In simple terms, when the microwave oven is powered on, the magnetron transforms electrical energy into microwaves. When polar molecules in the food absorb microwaves, they vibrate at high frequencies, generating heat and heating the food from the inside out.

Structure Diagram of Microwave Oven

When purchasing or using a microwave oven, users are often concerned about the potential leakage of microwave energy. The oven door becomes a crucial part of preventing leakage, requiring a design that allows external observation of food heating while preventing microwave leakage. Microwave oven doors typically consist of a metal frame and a glass observation window, with a layer of metal mesh embedded in the glass inter-layer to effectively block microwave penetration. To address the potential issue of microwave leakage when the oven door is open, a micro switch is introduced as a safety guard. The following will analyze the key application of micro switches in this process.

KANGERLE Micro Switch KW3 Series in Microwave Oven Door Application

microwave interlocking system

The application of micro switches in microwave ovens is mainly evident in the opening and closing of the oven door. Specifically, when the user presses the door-open button, the door-open button undergoes displacement, triggering the counterclockwise rotation of the rotating flipper. This, in turn, drives the rotating lever to rotate clockwise, causing the upper and lower door hooks to pop out of the interlock bracket’s limiting structure. The main interlock switch and the secondary interlock switch disconnect, the monitoring interlock switch connects, and the oven door opens. At this point, the circuit is completely disconnected, and the microwave oven cannot operate. Similarly, when the user closes the oven door, the rotating flipper rotates counterclockwise, causing the door hooks to enter the lock holes. The main interlock switch connects, the monitoring switch opens, the secondary interlock switch connects, the circuit is closed, and the microwave oven can start.

However, if the main interlock switch and the secondary interlock switch malfunction, it may lead to the microwave oven having the circuit connected when it is in the normally open state, allowing microwaves to radiate directly from the oven cavity, posing a potential danger. To prevent this scenario, the microwave oven’s circuit design introduces a monitoring switch. In case of the above special circumstances, the conduction of the monitoring switch can immediately trigger a circuit front-end short-circuit protection action, cutting off the power, and effectively preventing microwave leakage.

According to the regulations of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), each microwave oven must be equipped with at least one interlock device. It is evident that the application of micro switches in microwave ovens is crucial, not only ensuring user safety during the use of microwave ovens but also effectively preventing potential risks of microwave leakage.

Kangerle Electronics: China Manufacturer of Micro Switches

In the field of micro switch production and research and development, Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of rich experience. The company’s products have not only passed various certifications but also maintained a stable and reliable quality level. Among them, the KW3 series, including the KW3-10A-C and KW3-10C-C micro switches, has been widely applied in microwave ovens and enjoys the trust of customers. They can be used as microwave interlock switches and microwave door switches.

whirlpool microwave door switch

Through the ingenious design and flexible application of micro switches, Kangerle Electronics ensures that users enjoy the utmost safety and convenience when using microwave ovens. Feel free to visit KANGERLE official website for more information on micro switches and related products. In the future, Kangerle Electronics will continue to focus on the innovation and enhancement of micro switches, providing users with an even safer and more reliable microwave oven experience.

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